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Dual Team Qualifiers are coming fast

What does  Bo Nickal, Jack Mueller, or Nick Reenan have in common beside NCAA qualifiers and AA, and Champions?  they all wrestled on Team Texas for the Duals and Fargo.  For those wanting to step up to the next level, summer wrestling is a must.  It could very well be your key to a college scholarship.  If you already have a scholarship it can sharper your skills for the next level.

The Dual Team Qualifiers are coming up fast and the numbers that I have seen the last two weeks suggest that the local tournaments are down in numbers in all regions, which means that the numbers in the clubs around the State could be low.  Keep in mind that summer wrestlers tend to be winter State Placers and Champions.

The Dual Team Qualifier is in The Colony Texas (DFW Area) Team Texas will be taking Cadets and Juniors to make up their team. The top wrestlers in each weight will qualify.

So make sure you are training in your wrestling club and hitting the local tournaments until than.

Stay tuned for USATX updates as they arrive