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Texas Boys P4P Rankings Update

With lots of debate and info gathered throughout the State from random peeps, fans, coaches and Wrestlingtexas Staff.  The results are finally in.  The criteria I went by was state placers, H2H wins, fargo AA, National tournaments with additional information that I have.  Than my best judgement.

1-11, I believe to be spot on following State performances and H2H,  12-15, could be argued in more detail.

Pound 4 Pound Ranking

#1 Jack Skudlarcyzk 3X State Champion and a 3rd place state finish all in 6A. Only  high school loses were only to other state champions. 3X Fargo All-American, UWW All-American.

#2 Brian Andrews  3X State Champion in 5A .  5th place state finish his freshman year , 2x NHSCA All-American and Fargo All-American, no Texas losses. Ranked Nationally.

#3 AJ Ferrari, State Champ in 6A, doesn’t have the “high school” credentials yet to pass Andrews and Jack, but the win over Redlin puts him 3rd. No Texas losses. Actually only 1 loss in High School, Nationally Ranked

#4 Braedan Redlin  3X State Champion in 6A , 3x Pre-Season National Champ, fargo AA, only loss in Texas is to AJ Ferrari.

#5 Juwan Robinson, 3x State Finalist, 2x State Champ in 6A, only 2 Texas losses in High School Career.

#6 Xavier “X” Torres  2x State Champ, and a 3rd place State finish in 5A.

#7 Mark Ingelhart 2x State Champ in 6A, Reno 5th place finisher, 3rd preseason nationals. Ingelharts strength of schedule puts him above the next 2x State Champs

#8 Isaiah Delgado  2X state champion in 6A and 2x NHSCA All-American and finalist. Could be wrong but believe Delgado is undefeated in Texas.

#9 Johnathon “Speedy” Oretgon  2X State Champion in 5A. Zero Texas loses in either class

#10 Noah Vasquez H2H over Evan Hackett in State finals, State Champ, and 2nd place State all in 6A.

#11 Evan Hackett 3x State placer, State Champ, 2nd and 5th State Placer all in 6A.

#12 Nico Manzonelli 2x State Finalist and State Champ in 6A, 5th at PreSeason Nationals

#13 Zach Garza 2X State Finalist, State Champ in 5A, and 6th place finish at NHSCA, H2H over Robison in State Finals

#14 Jordan Robison 2x State Finalist, State champ in 5A, 2x Preseason Nationals AA

#15 Blaine Martinez 2x State Finalist, State Champ in 6A, Fargo AA

#16 Cameron Barnes State Champ, and State Placer all in 6A, only losses in 2016/2017 were to Manzonelli.

#17 Taylor Parks, Undefeated State Champ 2017, and 3rd place State finish last year 2016

#18 Colin Lawler 3x Prep Champ, and 2x AA, his losses to Barnes, Manzonelli, Willoughby keep him low on this list.

#19 Daniel Manibog State Champ and 5th place State finish in 2016 all in 6A

#20 Jame McClain-Green State Champ and a 2nd place finish at NHSCA, and 7th at Flo Nationals.

#21 Noah Chan 3x Prep Champ drops low because of no significant wins over any ranked wrestlers except Robinson early in 2015/2016 season.

#22 Riley Jacops 4x State Placer, 5A and 6A, his loses keep him low on the list for State placers.

#23 Logan Brown 3x State placer, 2x State Finalist, with a 3rd place State finish all in 6A, only in state losses are to State Champions, arguably could be higher on this list.

#24 Heath Roth an undefeated freshman and 5A State Champ comes in low, some National or 6A ranked wins will make him climb this rankings sheet.

#25 Aidan Conner 5A State Champ, again some National or 6A ranked wins could make him climb