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4 Champions @ 2017 US Marine Corps Girls Folkstyle Nationals

I apologize in advance if I missed any wrestler from Texas, I dont know every club so I can only go off of who I know,  Main reason I believe everyone should put Texas in front of their  club name, or just be team Texas.  anyway enough with the rant.

Texas had a 145 women registered for  the 2017 US Marine Corps Girls Folkstyle Nationals in OKC and came away with 4 champions,  alot of unranked women will be making the scene next season for sure.  Texas had 18 placers for sure with El Paso area dominating the Cadets and the DFW area dominating the Juniors for Texas.  Notice some of the women making it to the blood round and coming up short.  Congrats to all the women making the trip.  Hopefully you caught the eye of a college coach and gained some experience.

Cadet Placers,

Cadet Champion @ 94 unranked -6A Samara Chavez of Arlington Martin

Cadet Champion at 132#3 ranked @119-5A,  Mattison Parker of Northwest Eaton

5th Place @ 122- #5 ranked at 119-5A Isabella Gonzalez of El Paso Hanks

2nd Place @ 132 – #12 ranked at 128-5A Jacqueline Ghent of CC Vet. Memorial

6th Place @ 132- unranked Abigail Anaya of El Paso Hanks

5th Place @ 138- unranked Avery Guerra of NB Elite

7th Place @ 152 – unranked Victoria Hinojo of El Paso Hanks

5th Place @ 164- unranked Jewel Lively of Azle

2nd Place @ 180-unranked  Gabrielle Hamilton of El Paso Gridley Titans

4th Place @ 180 – unranked Zoe Hankins of El Paso Hanks



6th Place @ 106, #2 ranked @ 102-6A, – Camille Fournier of Spartan (Weatherford)

4th Place @ 122- #1 ranked @ 119-6A, Xochitl Mota-pettis of Spring Klein Wrestling Club (Klein)

6th Place  @ 122- #1 ranked @ 119-5A, Martha Moore of Frisco Liberty

5th Place @ 132 – #1 ranked @ 138-5A Astrid Silva of Frisco Heritage

2nd Place @ 138 – #1 ranked @ 138-6A, Alexandria Liles of Texas Best Trained Elite (Allen)

6th Place @ 152 – #4 ranked @ 165-6A,  Passion Hollins of Trinity High School

4th Place @ 200 – unranked Bianca Rosales of Azle

6th Place @ 200 – #8 ranked @ 215-5A Kacie Rodriguez of Rob Clarkston Wrestling (Corpus Christi Moody)

Champion @ 180 -#1 ranked @ 185-5A,  Nkechinyere Nwankwo of 3SW Academy (Richmond Foster)

Champion @ 225 – unranked Rachel Bridges of Timber Creek


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