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Bracketology – UIL State Tournament – 6A girls key match-ups

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Moving on to the girls 6A brackets, there are quite a few early round key match-ups.  The random draws give us plenty of tough bouts from the second round forward.


The #1, 3 and 4 ranked girls are on the lower half here. But the toughest first-round match is up top:

# 5 Esthela Trevino, Cy Ridge v. #6 Shania Melendez, El Paso El Dorado


Same thing – 1, 3, and 4 on top though – key early matches on bottom:

#6 Venessa Doria, La Joya Lincoln Juarez v. #9 Mariah Lomas, Tascosa
#5 Destiny Dominguez, Arlington Houston v. #8 Lesliangely Mejias, Austin Akins


Top seeded Mack Begg will be tested early and often, potentially facing #4 and #2 prior to the finals.  First round, watch for:

#7 Alina Kinset, Austin Bowie v. #8 Isabelle Montes, Fossil Ridge
#10 Madeline Rocha, Coppell v. #11 Annamarie Crixell, Oak Ridge


Nothing too eye-opening in terms of match-ups in the first round, ranked wrestlers are pretty well spread out, but with a potential 1v2 and 3v4 semis.

#9 Chloe Gaona, New Braunfels v #10 Alissa Sheikh, Cy Creek


#1 and 4 are up top, 2 and 3 in the lower quarter, so the fireworks start in round 2.

#3 Serena Cervantes, McAllen v #7 Savannah Bye, Trinity


#1 and 2 up top again, with 3 and 4 in the same quarter.  Some early battles include:

#6 Gabrielle Hernandez, New Braunfels v #8 Isabel Leon, Tascosa
#7 Blythe Romero, McAllen v #9 Isabelle Casillas, El Dorado
#11 Leeann Irland, Trinity v #12 Mhina Oseitutu, Katy


Finally – an evenly spread, properly aligned 1 – 4, 2 – 3 top and bottom.  Early on, its:

#9 Victoria Nnazoba, Arlington v. #10 Justis Payne, South Grand Prairie


Tough road on the lower half with #2, 3 and 4 clashing. Early on it’s,

#10 Emily Manzanarez, Conroe v #7 Maureen Eregie, Arlington Bowie


#1 and 3 up top and 2 and 4 on bottom here. In the first round, look for:

#9 Olayinka Olabode, South Grand Prairie v #11 Courtney Garza, Katy
#7 Victoria Brown, Ellison v #4 Naara Gonzalez, Arlington


Upper half has #1 and #4 in same quarter, opposite #5, #2 and #3 split in the lower half.  Interested to see some early matches:

#9 Lishawntwanette Bennett, Arlington Houston v #11 Amanda DeVaul, Coppell
#7 Melina Gonzalez, Weslaco East v #8 Gabi Holloway, Seven Lakes

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