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UIL Regional Championships – 6A Boys by the numbers

By Tom Dendy:

In case you were wondering, there is at least one person in the state that has reviewed, recorded and analyzed the records of every regional qualifier in the state.  That is 1,792 boys and 1,280 girls.  Yep, we are down to our top 3,072 wrestlers in the state, and Ray has seen them all, at least on paper. Over the next couple of days, our last rankings before final state previews will be released.  From here on out, all disputes about who’s better than who will just have to be settled on the mat.

Rankings have been reviewed and greatly enhanced to incorporate district results.  In general, you can expect most district champions to be ranked in the top 20 – but it wasn’t automatic.  So there are situations where a district champ, and certainly most of the 2nd-4th place finishers are out of the top 20 ranks for now.  This is their final weekend, though, to secure their spot among the 16 qualifiers and 4 alternates in the state tournament.

So, who is going to have the toughest road to state? In a perfectly distributed world, each region would have exactly four of the top 16 wrestlers in each weight class.  Now that we know where everyone is wrestling, we can take a look ahead. Here is a preview and key things to watch in the four regional tournaments this weekend:

Region 1 – The top 4 finishers from districts 1-4 will compete at W.G. Thomas Coliseum in Haltom City. Seventeen schools are competing with ranked wrestlers, led by Southlake Carroll, with 11. There are 4 top ranked wrestlers and 3 ranked #2. In six of the weight classes, there are 5 or 6 ranked wrestlers, including 106 through 126, 152, 160 and 220.  Could be a lot of hotly contested wrestle backs up north.

Region 2 – By far, the most heavily loaded district, host Allen High School leads the 20 team field with 12 ranked wrestlers, including 6 number 1’s. The 138lb class is downright ridiculous with HALF of the top 16 wrestlers in this region, with only room for 4 of the 8 in the state contest. 182 and 285 also have 6 each.  Additionally, we are anticipating potential 1 v. 2 matches at 195 and 285.

Region 3– Katy Tompkins High School will host the 26 teams with ranked boys.  With 55 ranked boys pretty evenly spread across the 26 rosters, this is by far the most diverse region.  Katy leads with 5 ranked wrestlers, leaving two teams with 4, and 6 with 3.  Good luck predicting the team champion down in Houston, only the slightest edge to Katy.  Only 2 weight classes have more than four in the top 16, 170lb with 5 and 195lb with 6.

Region 4 – Austin Vandegrift comes into San Antonio’s WG Thomas Colleseum with 9 ranked boys, best among the 34 teams. Some of the toughest roads to state will be here with eight weight classes showing more than 4 top 16 ranked boys, including 170lb and 285lb with 7 each. 120, 132,145, and 182 through 200 have 5 or 6 each.

Good Luck to all 6A boys!

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