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District Tournaments – 6A Boys by the numbers

We are into the home stretch, after thirteen weeks of wrestling, dozens of tournaments, thousands of matches and countless hours scouring results, surveying coaches, filtering through dual meet matchups and debating rankings…the staff are done guessing who is the best of the best – it’s time for the wrestlers to decide!

All eyes are on the 64 district tournaments next week [16 districts x (boys + girls) x (5A + 6A)]. By next Saturday, we will finally know who has moved to which weight class and the final regular season rankings will be cast, and if we guess right, the top 20 wrestlers will, theoretically, be the 16 state qualifiers and alternates coming out of the regional tournaments, right? That would mean that the rankings would have exactly 5 wrestlers from each region in the top 20 of each weight class – well, that didn’t quite happen, it seems the talent in the state isn’t quite so evenly spread out.  But it looks to be pretty close, according to our rankings.

In this article, we dive into the 6A boys’ numbers:

Number of weight classes:                           14
Total qualifiers and alternates: 14 x 20 = 280
Qualifiers per Region                  70 / 4   = 70
Qualifiers per District                 70 / 4   = 17.5

So, your “average” region has 70 ranked wrestlers, and your “average” district has 17.5 ranked wrestlers.  Let’s see how the current rankings shake out

Region 1  71
Region 2  61
Region 3  62
Region 4  84

Well, I guess you can’t say that the wrestlingtexas staff is “home-biased” since they all reside in regions 2 and 3, now can you?  Here is a District by district preview:

District 1 – Out in El Paso, six different schools have ranked wrestlers, led by Franklin with 8 and Eastwood with 6.  While final weight classes won’t be know until entries and weigh-ins are complete, the 220lb class looks pretty tough here, with 4 ranked wrestlers. 21 ranked wrestlers

District 2 – This is the least represented district with only 9 ranked boys spread among 3 schools.  Weatherford leads the district with 6 ranked wrestlers.

District 3 – The Arlington district has 14 ranked boys, led, of course, by Arlington Martin’s 8 ranked wrestlers. A total of 4 teams are bringing in ranked wrestlers.

District 4 – This district has more ranked wrestlers than any in the state, with 27 ranked boys from 5 schools.  Southlake Carroll will weigh in 11 state ranked wrestlers next week.  Looking at weight classes, the lighter weights are going to be tough, with 3 ranked 106 pounders and 4 ranked 113 pounders coming in.

District 5 – The mid-cities district is coming in a little light with 10 ranked boys, half of which are from Euless Trinity.  Only four schools are coming in with ranked wrestler.

District 6 – Up in Lewisville the 11 ranked boys are also spread among four schools, led by Coppell with 5.

District 7 – Once again, 4 schools account for the 15 ranked wrestlers, led by Rockwall’s 7.

District 8 – No surprise here, the Allen roster carries 14 ranked wrestlers, depending on how they shuffle the weight classes around, they may only have room for 13 of them.  The 25 ranked boys in this district are spread across 7 different schools.

District 9 – As we move into the Houston districts, things are much more spread out (fitting for Houston, don’t you think?).  This district has 17 ranked wrestlers, spread out among 9 different schools.  Klein leads this district with 5 ranked boys.

District 10 – Comprised solely of the ten Cy Fair ISD schools, this district has 19 ranked boys from seven different schools.  Cy Fair comes in with 6 ranked wrestlers and an eye on the district title.

District 11 – The Katy district looks decent with 15 ranked boys at 7 different schools, led by Katy High School’s 5.

District 12 – The southern district is the weakest in region 3, with only 11 ranked wrestlers. Houston Westside and Clear Lake come in with five each.  Five total schools have ranked boys.

District 13 – Nine different schools bring in a total of 23 ranked wrestlers, led by Austin Vandegrift’s 8.

District 14 –  Almost half of the 20 ranked boys hail from New Braunfels, with 8 ranked wrestlers.  A total of six schools with ranked boys here.

District 15 – The San Antonio district boasts 26 ranked boys, attending nine different schools.  Reagan high School comes in with 8 ranked wrestlers.

District 16 – The Rio Grande Valley has 15 ranked wrestlers from 8 schools, pretty evenly spread out.  Edinburg Vela and Weslaco each bring three into the tournament.

Looking at a regional level across weight classes, with a perfect ranking spread, we would have 5 ranked wrestlers per weight in each region.  In reality, we are pretty close – with a handful of notable exceptions:

113lb – Region 1 is loaded up with 8 ranked boys – we might see some migration to 106 or 120, but those weights each have 5 – so there will be some tough battles and likely some wrestle-backs.

120lb – only 2 ranked boys in Region 3  – an opportunity for someone to move down from 126, or maybe some new faces at state.

138lb – Region 2 has 9 ranked boys here – but only 3 at 145lb

285lb – You NEVER know what you will see with the big boys.  This has been the toughest weight to sort out all year.  Right now, 10 of the ranked heavyweights are in region 4 with only 2 in region 3 and 3 in region 2.  We can say with 100% certainty that there will be boys at state that never hit our rankings radar. With the possibility of 40 to 70 pound size mismatches – one mistake changes a match and reshuffles the entire deck.

Good Luck to all of the 6A boys at their district meets!

Next up: 6A Girls