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The Road to STATE

The 2017 Texas UIL State wrestling qualification tournaments start in less than two weeks, with the 16 district championships in each division (5A and 6A) .  Here is an overview for parents and wrestlers who may not be familiar with the UIL format.

District and Regional Alignment

Every year, the University Interscholastic League updates school classification and alignment.  There are two classifications in wrestling, based on school enrollment, 5A and 6A.  Both 5A and 6A have boys and girls divisions. The state is divided into four regions, roughly geographically.  Within each region, there are four districts.  Each district can have anywhere from 5 to 19 schools.  The 5A and 6A alignments for the 2017 season are posted on the UIL site and are shown below.

District Championships

During the week of February 6, 2017, each of the 32 districts (16 in 5A and 16 in 6A) will hold their boys and girls district tournament.  Teams are only allowed 1 entrant per weight class and wrestlers must enter at a previously certified weight.  Most districts also hold a junior varsity championship tournament as well.  Tournaments are double elimination format, with a 5th/6th place consolation match as well, with the top four finishers qualifying for the regional tournament the following week.  If the 5th place finisher had not wrestled, or had wrestled and defeated the 4th place finisher in the district tournament, there will be a “wrestle back” match between the 4th and 5th place finisher to determine the fourth qualifier for regionals. The wrestle back is for advancement purposes only and does not change the finishing position of the tournament.

Regional Championships

During the week of February 13, 2017, there will be 8 regional championship tournaments, with 16 competitors per weight class.  This is the same format as districts, double elimination, 6 place brackets.  The top four finishers qualify for the State championship tournament with the fifth place finisher attending as an alternate.  Once again, if the 5th place finisher had not lost to the fourth place finisher in the regional tournament, there will be a wrestle back to determine the state qualifier.  There is no junior varsity competition at the regional or state level.

2017 UIL State Championships
The top 16 wrestlers from each weight class will enter the state championship tournament at the Berry Center in Cypress, Texas on Feb 24-25, 2017.  The tournament is double elimination format with 6 placement matches.  The top six finishers in each class are recognized on the podium, as well as most outstanding wrestlers in all four tournaments (5A and 6A boys and girls)

Wrestling Texas Rankings and Predictions

In case you haven’t figured it out, the wrestler rankings on have no bearing on who gets to go to state, or even how folks are seeded – it all has to be earned on the mat. However, the Wrestling Texas staff will be finalizing the regular season rankings and providing some region by region commentary – including look ahead at some of the most exciting district and regional match-ups.  We know that there are thousands of spectators and participants at the various events, and you don’t always know whether you are possibly watching a key #1 v #2 state ranked bout in a regional semi-final.  We will also be on the floor at the state tournament providing live commentary and coverage during each round of the state tournament.  Good Luck to all, we look forward to an exciting final month of the season!