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6A Boys Ranking Update

6A Boys Rankings


Top 9 stay the same, Ben De Lomas of Southlake makes an entrance defeating Clarkson of Vandegrift who was #9 @ 113 and dropped to 106.


Luke Sloan of Vandegrift is the big mover here, he drops from 120 to 113, I put him at 7 only because I’ve seen him wrestle and he had a great Outlaw tournament that was tough, Yeamans stays even though Sloan placed higher and had a common H2H victory over Garden City, Yeamans is still a state runner up and did split with Garden City.


James McClain of El Paso Franklin drops from 126, defeats Herrera in the finals of Outlaw, he moves to #5, everyone else drops.


Cole Fournier of Weatherford moves from 132 to #11, has a H2H over Taylor of Martin, rest stayed the same.


Jaylen York of Katy moves around Andrei Steinjann of Southlake in a H2H. they switch positions on the rankings.  #6, #7. Cody Mirander of Allen makes the top 20 with his performance of late


This was a crazy, Emanual ventura of Irving beats Trent Dooley of Allen, Dooley beats Danial Manibog of Katy  Manibog than beat Ventura.  So I just put them #2 Dooley, #3 Manibog, #4 Ventura. only because thats how they place in Outlaw,  #5 Chase Carter of Timbercreek moves down from 145 and places over  Kaleb Jewett of El Paso Franklin, Devin Franks of the Woodlands comes in at 138 and replaces Max Soto of Clear Springs.


#12 Brice Clexton of Katy emerges onto the scene, he beats Logan Lee of Vandegrift who takes Michael Fords spot #13 of Vandegrift.  Zach Melendez of Katy drops to 20 till we see where he goes.


Alex Frometa of the Woodlands moves to #2 with a H2H over Riley Jacops,  Travis Prince of Weatherford moves into the #11 spot losing to David Powers of Franklin in Tie Breaker.


Wade Wilson of Katy drops 3 spots with a loss to Adam Wachnin of Vandergrift, Nate Moore of Weatherford moves up with a win over Wachnin,  Everyone moves up a spot with the absence of Redlin to 170


Braedan Redlin takes Evan Hacketts spot,  Aron Lindberg of Soutjlake Carroll stays over Austin Fox of Timbercreek  even though Fox place higher in Outlaw only because no H2H.   Zac Watson of Weatherford takes Kleffner spot at 17 only because Watson placed 7th and Kleffner placed 12th and Watson beat Simmerman of Heritage who beat Kleffner.


Evan Hackett being a State champ moves to #1 here from 170,  Although Nathan Grimes of Timbercreek has a common H2H win over Hackett beating Andres of Kansas, and Hackett losing to Andres, State champs I dont believe get de throned unless H2H wins.  However Grimes did beat Adam Lindberg of Southlake Carroll,  Hackett beat Lindberg as well.  So Grimes moves up a spot to #7 and Lindberg drops to #8 and Aaron Peterson drops to #9 with a loss to Grimes as well, Grime and Peterson have split with Grimes winning the last match.  Also Juan Montenegro of Irving makes the scene with a win over Arthur Lindsey of Katy @ 13


Jake Johnson of Southlake Carroll makes the top 10 with his performance at the Outlaw, he beats Hardesty of Frisco Centennial, who beats Guillermo Lopez of Irving.


Everything stayed the same except for the emergence of Allens Jack Drulman pinning his way to a 3rd place finish over #1/5A Sims of Frisco Centennial and #15 Doddridge of Southlake Carroll. Drulman will enter at #14


no changes at this weight