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Texas Outlaw Post Review

The 2016 Texas Outlaw Wrestling Tournament lived up to the hype.  Each weight class had some surprises and upsets, as well new wrestlers emerge onto the scene.  We saw 2 Nationally ranked wrestlers get defeated and the battle of State champions was epic.   Allen runs away with the tournament with a record team score of 623 points.  Goddard Kansas, the 5A State Champs, came in 2nd, and a strong showing of Southlake Carroll for 3rd over Smithville Missouri, Missouri State Champs, and Garden City Kansas the 6A State Champs.  Airline HS from Louisiana withdrew from the tournament due to misunderstanding on the weight allowance. Louisiana has a different rule than Texas on when the 2 pound allowance is in effect.

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Below is a recap per weight class.


This weight class only had 1 State Qualifier, 9th ranked @ 113 James Clarkson of Vandegrift, and a Youth State Champ from Goddard Jason Henschel.  6th ranked Martinez of Allen didn’t make weight, and Timber Creek’s 10th ranked  Will Caillet wasn’t present.  Clarkson won his Pool along with Ben De Lemos of Southlake, Slyter Keegan of Olathe North Kansas and Henschel from Goddard.  The Pool winners went top 4 in the weight class. Slyter defeats Henshel for the Championship and unranked DeLemos defeats Clarkson for 3rd.


State Champ Jonathon (Speedy) Ortegon of Randall, with the exception of a SV over Nelms from Franklin in the Pools, handled his way to a Championship beating Tulsa Unions TJ Long,  including a semi final win over 2nd ranked Noah Yeamans of Allen.  #14 @ 120 Luke Sloan  of Vandegrift drops down to 113 and wins his pool.  Sloan beats Nelms, loses to Long in the semi finals, than beats Jacob Holt of Garden City Kansas for the 2nd time to face Missouri State Champ Blake Akerman of Smithville and takes 4th.  Yeamans loses to the Holt of Garden City for 6th, but Yeaman beats Long in the Pools day before.


Again all 4 Pool winners were top 4 placers here,   #5 ranked @ 126 James McClain drops down to 120 and keeps his undefeated season going to 20-0 by winning the Championship over #5 @ 120 Alonzo Herrera  of Allen after beating the Kansas State champ Will Spexath of Goddard.   Herrera met up with Frisco’s #1 ranked @ 120 5A Gregory Coapstick in the semi finals. The Major going to Herrera 11-2. Coapstick than takes a 3rd place finish over the Goddard Kansas State Champ Will Spexarth by fall.


Was a finals rematch of last years Outlaw Tournament where #2 ranked Logan Brown of Allen defeated 3rd place State finisher Jevon Parrish of Olathe North HS Kansas.  This year tables were turned  and Parrish beats  Brown 5-3.  Parrish does this after he defeated #1 ranked @ 126 5A Xavier (X) Torres in SV-1 4-2.  Brown beat Kyle Villareal of Frisco Centennial in the semi finals who had beaten State qualifier Drew Ersdorff of St James Academy Kansas in the pool rounds than lost to Ersdorff in the consolation semis to settle for 6th under Jacob Ahrberg of Cushing Oklahoma.   Xavier Torres than defeated Ersdorff for a 3rd place finish.


Billy Simpson State qualifier of Cushing Oklahoma won this weight along with the lower weight MOW.  Simpson defeated  #7 ranked @ 132 Jaylen York of Katy in the semi finals to beat Riley Alderman of Olathe North HS a 5th place finisher at Kansas State for the Championship.  Alderman defeated Kaj Perez a 2x state placer from Garden City Kansas in the semi finals,  Perez defeated  #6 ranked @ 132 Andrei Steinjann to reach the semi finals.  York defeats Steinjann in the consolation semis to face Perez and wins for 3rd place, Steinjann finishes 5th .


2x Missouri State placer Alex Rivera of Smithville takes a 1-0 decision over #3 ranked  Trent Dooley of Allen for a Finals win.  Rivera beats #6 ranked  Emanual Ventura of Irving  in the semi finals.  Dooley gives #2 ranked  Daniel Manibog of Katy his first loss of the season in the semi finals.  Manibog defeats Ventura for a 3rd place finish.  Other notes, Ventura beats Dooley in the pools, and  #9 ranked Chase Carter of Timbercreek finishes 8th losing last 3 matches by 1 pt each.


Southlake Carroll ‘s  #2 ranked Cameron Haddock prevails for the Championship here by defeating Garret Lange a State runner up from Goddard in the semi finals to advance to meet Wes Arhburg of Cushing, also a State runner up for Oklahoma. Haddock gets the 6-3 victory.  Arhburg defeated #6 ranked  Hunter Gibson of Allen in his semi finals match. Gibson than defeated #15 ranked Matthew Jewett of Franklin in the consolation semi finals, and than loss to Lange for Kansas to take 4th. Jewett took 5th.


#1 ranked Juwan Robinson of Allen defeats #2 ranked Riley Jacobs of Vandegrift in the semi finals 7-5 to meet 2x State Champ from Goddard Kansas Kameron Frame in the Finals were Robinson wins 2-0 on a cheap tilt for the Championship. Frame defeated  #3 ranked Alex Frometa of the Woodlands in the semi finals.  Jacobs and Frometa met for the 3rd place match and Frometa comes out on top 3-2.  Other notes unranked Jacob Mazley of Southlake defeats #10 ranked David Powers of Franklin and takes 5th over St James Academy,  unranked Travis Prince of Weatherford defeats Powers for the 7th place finish, Powers takes 8th.


#1 ranked AJ Ferrari takes the Championship here by beating  2x State placer Austin Purtle of Smithville Missouri in the semi finals to face off with Weatherfords #6 ranked  Nate Moore  in the finals.  Moore defeated #7 Adam Wachnin of Vandegrift in the semi finals.  3rd place finish went to Purtle over Terrell Garraway of Olathe North HS.  Wachnin finished 5th, and defeated  #3 ranked Wade Wilson of Katy in the pools who finished 7th. other notes, 2x State Champ from Airline and 2x State Champ from Goddard not  in attendance.


#2 ranked @ 160 Braedan Redlin moves up to 170 and defeats#4 ranked  Aron Lindberg of Southlake, and #7 ranked Kyle Kretzer of Houston Clear Springs on the way to a Championship win over Nationally ranked and State champ Sammy Cokeley of St James Academy in Kansas.   Cokeley defeated  #5 Austin Fox of Timbercreek  before facing State runner up Troy Fisher of Goddard.  Fox defeated Kretzer in the consolation semi finals after beating Samual Simmerman of Heritage to take 4th to Fisher on injury default.  Lindberg takes a 5th place finish winning over Kretzer.  Zack Watson of Weatherford makes a present.


One of the toughest weight classes. #12 ranked Nationally and 2x State Champ Clay Lautt of St James Academy cruises through a list of State Champs and qualifiers to win the Championship here and the MOW for upper weight. Lautt defeats State Champ Jesse Nunez of Garden City in the finals.  Nunez defeated State champ Evan Hackett of Allen in the semi finals.  Lautt defeated #3 ranked Adam Lindberg in the semi finals who defeated State placer Austin Andres of Goddard.  Follow me here… #8 ranked Nathan Grimes of Timbercreek  who lost to Nunez defeats Justin Villegas in SV, than beats Lindberg who beat Nunez in pool action.  Andres beats Hackett in the consolation semi finals, to take 3rd place over Grimes who injury defaulted for 4th, but Grimes beat Andres in pool actions well.  Meanwhile Hackett takes 5th place with a win over Lindberg.   #9 Villegas takes 7th and #5 ranked Aaron Peterson of Vandegrift finishes 9th.  Tough weight class..


This weight  was featuring a #10 ranked Nationally and State Champ Jake Boyd of Smithville  who met in the finals State Champ Cale Davidson of Goddard, a rematch of 2 weeks ago at the Stampede Tournament in Kansas City which went to Boyd 3-2. Results where different this time. Davidson holds on to defeat Boyd 3-1 for the Championship.  Boyd beat State placer Zeke Herra of Garden City in the semi finals who beat Jake Johnson of Southlake.  Davidson beat State Champ Mark Inglehart of Allen in his semi final match.  It was Inglehart and Herra in the 3rd place match goin to Inglehart.


#2 ranked Nico Manzonelli of Allen defeats for the 2nd time this year #3 ranked Cameron Barnes of Katy in the finals for an Outlaw Championship.  Manzonelli started off defeating Jack Drulman of Allen then #14 ranked Jacob Doddridge of Southlake in the semi finals.  Barnes defeated Zach Shawgo of Weatherford and then defeated  #1ranked @ 220 5A and State Champ Noah Sims of Frisco Centennial in the semi finals.  Then the surprise of the weight class was Drulman of Allen pinning his way to a 3rd place finish over Sims and Doddridge.  Doddridge took 4th and Sims took 5th.


Benny Hernandez of Garden City was the only State placer at this weight and he wins a close finals match over Tulsa Union HS Elwood Tomlin 3-2.  #20 ranked Henry Klinge of Southlake Carroll take a 3rd place finish over Jack Allen of Cinco Ranch.

Below is the Stats of all the wrestlers before the tournament and State placings.