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Allen Wins the Texas Outlaw

Allen wins big with 623 points,   Goddard Kansas takes 2nd with 454.5,  and a strong Southlake Carroll Team hold on for a 3rd place finish with 406 team points,  Post comment and review will be coming,  for now here is the results and every one have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Team Scores
1.Allen Blue623.0
3.Southlake Carroll406.0
5.Garden City316.0
6.Tulsa Union293.5
8.Olathe North242.5
9.St. James Academy232.5
15.Timber Creek161.5
17.Allen White116.5
18.Cinco Ranch89.5
19.The Woodlands82.0
21.Plano West73.0
23.Clear Springs59.0
24.Frisco Heritage45.0
25.Plano East19.0
26.Faustina Academy10.0


Tournament Results

106 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Keegan Slyter of Olathe North
2nd Place – Jason Henshel of Goddard
3rd Place – Ben De Lemos of Southlake Carroll
4th Place – James Clarkson of Vandegrift
5th Place – Cooper Gibson of Tulsa Union
6th Place – Cade Morgan of Plano West
7th Place – Colby Sanford of Allen Blue
8th Place – Adam Simpson of Smithville
9th Place – Austin Herle of Weatherford
10th Place – Caleb Delp of Olathe North
11th Place – Ty Wright of Katy
12th Place – Tyler Sliman of Katy
13th Place – Alijah Vincent of Centennial
14th Place – Josue Olvera of Timber Creek
1st Place Match
Keegan Slyter (Olathe North) 22-1, Fr. over Jason Henshel (Goddard) 15-6, Fr. (Fall 1:15).
3rd Place Match
Ben De Lemos (Southlake Carroll) 19-7, So. over James Clarkson (Vandegrift) 29-4, So. (Dec 4-2).
5th Place Match
Cooper Gibson (Tulsa Union) 6-5, Fr. over Cade Morgan (Plano West ) 3-4, Fr. (Fall 4:03).
7th Place Match
Colby Sanford (Allen Blue) 3-3, Fr. over Adam Simpson (Smithville) 8-14, Fr. (Dec 5-4).
9th Place Match
Austin Herle (Weatherford) 15-12, Fr. over Caleb Delp (Olathe North) 5-4, So. (MD 14-6).
11th Place Match
Ty Wright (Katy) 11-12, Fr. over Tyler Sliman (Katy) 8-5, Fr. (Dec 10-3).
13th Place Match
Alijah Vincent (Centennial) 6-12, Fr. over Josue Olvera (Timber Creek) 10-10, Jr. (For.).

113 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Johnathon Ortegon of Randall
2nd Place – TJ Long of Tulsa Union
3rd Place – Blake Ackerman of Smithville
4th Place – Luke Sloan of Vandegrift
5th Place – Jacob Holt of Garden City
6th Place – Noah Yeamans of Allen Blue
7th Place – Kobe Nelms of Franklin
8th Place – Alex Herrera of Garden City
9th Place – Baylor Steward of Centennial
10th Place – Jacob Aragon of Plano West
11th Place – Brendan Noetzel of Southlake Carroll
12th Place – Christian Elmore of Centennial
13th Place – Lucas Glover of Goddard
14th Place – R.J Mata of Clear Springs
15th Place – AJ Merrell of Olathe North
16th Place – Ethan Miller of Cinco Ranch
17th Place – Conner McLindon of Allen White
18th Place – Garrick Owens of Plano East
1st Place Match
Johnathon Ortegon (Randall) 14-4, So. over TJ Long (Tulsa Union) 11-4, So. (Fall 3:47).
3rd Place Match
Blake Ackerman (Smithville) 15-7, So. over Luke Sloan (Vandegrift) 26-5, Fr. (Dec 6-1).
5th Place Match
Jacob Holt (Garden City) 19-10, Fr. over Noah Yeamans (Allen Blue) 19-7, So. (SV-1 4-2).
7th Place Match
Kobe Nelms (Franklin) 24-7, So. over Alex Herrera (Garden City) 11-4, So. (Dec 5-0).
9th Place Match
Baylor Steward (Centennial) 19-3, Jr. over Jacob Aragon (Plano West ) 4-3, Fr. (Fall 1:05).
11th Place Match
Brendan Noetzel (Southlake Carroll) 17-12, So. over Christian Elmore (Centennial) 12-9, Jr. (MD 12-0).
13th Place Match
Lucas Glover (Goddard) 7-13, So. over R.J Mata (Clear Springs) 20-13, Fr. (Fall 3:38).
15th Place Match
AJ Merrell (Olathe North) 3-7, Jr. over Ethan Miller (Cinco Ranch) 11-16, Jr. (MD 12-3).
17th Place Match
Conner McLindon (Allen White) 1-4, Fr. over Garrick Owens (Plano East) 0-5, So. (For.).

120 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – James McClain of Franklin
2nd Place – Alonzo Herrera of Allen Blue
3rd Place – Gregory Coapstick of Centennial
4th Place – Will Spexarth of Goddard
5th Place – Mitchell Bohlken of Smithville
6th Place – Brendan Medlin of Timber Creek
7th Place – Caron Watson of Tulsa Union
8th Place – Richie Azbill of Cinco Ranch
9th Place – Gunner Murphy of Olathe North
10th Place – Manual Rangel of Frisco Heritage
11th Place – Diago Hernandez of Garden City
12th Place – David Kempton of Katy
13th Place – Taylor Watson of Weatherford
14th Place – Zachary Attwood of Vandegrift
1st Place Match
James McClain (Franklin) 20-0, So. over Alonzo Herrera (Allen Blue) 15-4, Sr. (Dec 9-6).
3rd Place Match
Gregory Coapstick (Centennial) 19-2, Jr. over Will Spexarth (Goddard) 15-5, Sr. (Fall 5:42).
5th Place Match
Mitchell Bohlken (Smithville) 13-8, So. over Brendan Medlin (Timber Creek) 15-10, Sr. (Fall 3:44).
7th Place Match
Caron Watson (Tulsa Union) 11-4, Jr. over Richie Azbill (Cinco Ranch) 20-10, So. (Fall 2:26).
9th Place Match
Gunner Murphy (Olathe North) 11-11, Fr. over Manual Rangel (Frisco Heritage) 15-8, Sr. (Dec 7-6).
11th Place Match
Diago Hernandez (Garden City) 13-6, Fr. over David Kempton (Katy) 9-20, Jr. (TF-1.5 4:00 (15-0)).
13th Place Match
Taylor Watson (Weatherford) 15-14, Jr. over Zachary Attwood (Vandegrift) 10-14, Jr. (Dec 6-1).

126 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jevon Parrish of Olathe North
2nd Place – Logan Brown of Allen Blue
3rd Place – Xavier Torres of Randall
4th Place – Drew Ernsdorff of St. James Academy
5th Place – Jacob Ahrberg of Cushing
6th Place – Kyle Villarreal of Centennial
7th Place – Jared Thornbrugh of Smithville
8th Place – Avey Arana of Garden City
9th Place – Adrian Zubia of Franklin
10th Place – Collin McGhee of The Woodlands
11th Place – Ashad Rufia of Tulsa Union
12th Place – Brandon Diaz of Katy
13th Place – Alex Ardt of Plano West
14th Place – Ethan Reyes of Cinco Ranch
15th Place – Austin Hallabeck of Southlake Carroll
16th Place – Isaac Hernandez of Plano East
1st Place Match
Jevon Parrish (Olathe North) 15-1, Jr. over Logan Brown (Allen Blue) 20-5, Jr. (Dec 5-3).
3rd Place Match
Xavier Torres (Randall) 10-3, Jr. over Drew Ernsdorff (St. James Academy) 17-9, Jr. (Dec 10-4).
5th Place Match
Jacob Ahrberg (Cushing) 10-4, So. over Kyle Villarreal (Centennial) 20-4, Sr. (Fall 1:30).
7th Place Match
Jared Thornbrugh (Smithville) 9-12, Jr. over Avey Arana (Garden City) 14-8, Fr. (Dec 7-5).
9th Place Match
Adrian Zubia (Franklin) 19-9, So. over Collin McGhee (The Woodlands) 14-7, Sr. (MD 11-2).
11th Place Match
Ashad Rufia (Tulsa Union) 7-6, Jr. over Brandon Diaz (Katy) 6-7, Fr. (Fall 1:14).
13th Place Match
Alex Ardt (Plano West ) 2-5, So. over Ethan Reyes (Cinco Ranch) 23-7, So. (For.).
15th Place Match
Austin Hallabeck (Southlake Carroll) 6-12, Fr. over Isaac Hernandez (Plano East) 0-6, Sr. (Fall 2:49).

132 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Billy Simpson of Cushing
2nd Place – Riley Alderman of Olathe North
3rd Place – Jaylen York of Katy
4th Place – Kaj Perez of Garden City
5th Place – Andrei Steinjann of Southlake Carroll
6th Place – Gabe Spexarth of Goddard
7th Place – Cody Mirander of Allen Blue
8th Place – Thomas Nielsen of Smithville
9th Place – Roderick Valentine of Timber Creek
10th Place – Blake Ramos of Tulsa Union
11th Place – Jaydn Heaton of Randall
12th Place – Grant Riddle of Vandegrift
13th Place – Elise Brown Ton of Allen White
14th Place – Daniel Cervantez of Centennial
15th Place – James Conrique of Weatherford
16th Place – Matthew Petta of The Woodlands
17th Place – Evan LeBrilla of Frisco Heritage
1st Place Match
Billy Simpson (Cushing) 13-1, Jr. over Riley Alderman (Olathe North) 15-3, Sr. (Dec 10-3).
3rd Place Match
Jaylen York (Katy) 31-1, Sr. over Kaj Perez (Garden City) 23-6, Jr. (Dec 8-4).
5th Place Match
Andrei Steinjann (Southlake Carroll) 23-5, Jr. over Gabe Spexarth (Goddard) 6-4, So. (MD 11-3).
7th Place Match
Cody Mirander (Allen Blue) 10-5, So. over Thomas Nielsen (Smithville) 9-13, Sr. (MD 8-0).
9th Place Match
Roderick Valentine (Timber Creek) 19-5, Sr. over Blake Ramos (Tulsa Union) 5-5, Fr. (MD 17-5).
11th Place Match
Jaydn Heaton (Randall) 11-14, Fr. over Grant Riddle (Vandegrift) 17-14, Jr. (Dec 6-2).
13th Place Match
Elise Brown Ton (Allen White) 2-5, Fr. over Daniel Cervantez (Centennial) 5-14, Jr. (Fall 3:09).
15th Place Match
James Conrique (Weatherford) 17-14, Sr. over Matthew Petta (The Woodlands) 0-12, Jr. (Fall 2:50).
17th Place Match
Evan LeBrilla (Frisco Heritage) 3-12, Jr. over () , . (Bye).

138 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Alex Rivera of Smithville
2nd Place – Trent Dooley of Allen Blue
3rd Place – Daniel Manibog of Katy
4th Place – Emanuel Ventura of Irving
5th Place – Tyler Teague of Cushing
6th Place – Trevor Dopps of Goddard
7th Place – Jalen Hernandez of Tulsa Union
8th Place – Chase Carter of Timber Creek
9th Place – Kalob Jewett of Franklin
10th Place – Devin Franks of The Woodlands
11th Place – Wyatt McElroy of Garden City
12th Place – Zack Zarvos of Cinco Ranch
13th Place – Bryson Munroe of Plano West
14th Place – Michael Ford of Vandegrift
15th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
16th Place – Moses Torres of Randall
16th Place – Nick Borynack of Frisco Heritage
17th Place – Max Soto of Clear Springs
18th Place – Tyler Brewster of Southlake Carroll
19th Place – Reed Couture of Independence
20th Place – Greg Halisky of Faustina Academy
1st Place Match
Alex Rivera (Smithville) 18-1, Jr. over Trent Dooley (Allen Blue) 18-5, So. (Dec 1-0).
3rd Place Match
Daniel Manibog (Katy) 29-1, So. over Emanuel Ventura (Irving) 23-5, Sr. (Fall 2:35).
5th Place Match
Tyler Teague (Cushing) 12-5, Sr. over Trevor Dopps (Goddard) 11-10, Fr. (Dec 8-4).
7th Place Match
Jalen Hernandez (Tulsa Union) 7-5, . over Chase Carter (Timber Creek) 18-6, Sr. (Dec 7-6).
9th Place Match
Kalob Jewett (Franklin) 23-4, So. over Devin Franks (The Woodlands) 13-5, Sr. (Dec 10-6).
11th Place Match
Wyatt McElroy (Garden City) 21-7, Fr. over Zack Zarvos (Cinco Ranch) 23-8, Jr. (Fall 3:15).
13th Place Match
Bryson Munroe (Plano West ) 14-5, Jr. over Michael Ford (Vandegrift) 16-9, Sr. (Fall 0:48).
15th Place Match
Moses Torres (Randall) 8-12, Fr. over Nick Borynack (Frisco Heritage) 15-7, Sr. (DFF).
17th Place Match
Max Soto (Clear Springs) 18-7, Fr. over Tyler Brewster (Southlake Carroll) 6-17, Jr. (MD 15-3).
19th Place Match
Reed Couture (Independence) 4-9, Jr. over Greg Halisky (Faustina Academy) 0-6, Fr. (Fall 1:04).

145 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Cameron Haddock of Southlake Carroll
2nd Place – Wes Ahrberg of Cushing
3rd Place – Garrett Lange of Goddard
4th Place – Hunter Gibson of Allen Blue
5th Place – Matthew Jewett of Franklin
6th Place – Nick Bollinger of Smithville
7th Place – Brice Clexton of Katy
8th Place – Logan Lee of Vandegrift
9th Place – Curtis Near of Garden City
10th Place – Cameron Traylor of Tulsa Union
11th Place – Vincent Sipe of Faustina Academy
12th Place – Zach Melendez of Katy
13th Place – Max Lutz of St. James Academy
14th Place – David Amaro of Weatherford
15th Place – Ruben Castaneda of Olathe North
16th Place – Andrew Warkins of Frisco Heritage
17th Place – Will Villegas of Allen White
18th Place – Marcos Rubio of Randall
19th Place – Luke Elliott of Independence
20th Place – Roman Venegas of Plano West
1st Place Match
Cameron Haddock (Southlake Carroll) 28-3, Jr. over Wes Ahrberg (Cushing) 12-1, Sr. (Dec 6-3).
3rd Place Match
Garrett Lange (Goddard) 18-3, Jr. over Hunter Gibson (Allen Blue) 22-4, Sr. (Fall 1:16).
5th Place Match
Matthew Jewett (Franklin) 21-5, So. over Nick Bollinger (Smithville) 13-11, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
7th Place Match
Brice Clexton (Katy) 6-3, Sr. over Logan Lee (Vandegrift) 22-10, Sr. (Dec 8-2).
9th Place Match
Curtis Near (Garden City) 20-8, Jr. over Cameron Traylor (Tulsa Union) 9-4, So. (Fall 3:41).
11th Place Match
Vincent Sipe (Faustina Academy) 9-4, Sr. over Zach Melendez (Katy) 24-8, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
13th Place Match
Max Lutz (St. James Academy) 8-11, Jr. over David Amaro (Weatherford) 17-12, Sr. (Dec 5-1).
15th Place Match
Ruben Castaneda (Olathe North) 13-9, Sr. over Andrew Warkins (Frisco Heritage) 3-10, So. (Fall 1:35).
17th Place Match
Will Villegas (Allen White) 2-4, So. over Marcos Rubio (Randall) 5-12, Sr. (Fall 4:13).
19th Place Match
Luke Elliott (Independence) 2-9, So. over Roman Venegas (Plano West ) 0-6, So. (Fall 1:09).
21st Place Match

152 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Juwan Robinson of Allen Blue
2nd Place – Kameron Frame of Goddard
3rd Place – Alex Frometa of The Woodlands
4th Place – Riley Jacops of Vandegrift
5th Place – Jacob Mazey of Southlake Carroll
6th Place – Cade Lautt of St. James Academy
7th Place – David Powers of Franklin
8th Place – Travis Prince of Weatherford
9th Place – Max Buffamante of Katy
10th Place – Jackson White of Smithville
11th Place – Tyler Jacob of Allen White
12th Place – Wesley Taylor-Vincent of Irving
13th Place – Reagan Prevatt of Cinco Ranch
14th Place – Bryce Burdick of Tulsa Union
15th Place – Jonathan Cazares of Clear Springs
16th Place – Jack Schoen of Centennial
17th Place – Tony Zepeda of Randall
18th Place – Jonathan Gomez of Garden City
19th Place – Skylar Coots of Timber Creek
20th Place – Devin Stoker of Olathe North
21st Place – Terrance Kincaide of Plano East
22nd Place – Hayden McFarland of Frisco Heritage
1st Place Match
Juwan Robinson (Allen Blue) 10-0, Jr. over Kameron Frame (Goddard) 19-2, Sr. (Dec 2-0).
3rd Place Match
Alex Frometa (The Woodlands) 18-3, Sr. over Riley Jacops (Vandegrift) 29-2, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
5th Place Match
Jacob Mazey (Southlake Carroll) 20-7, Sr. over Cade Lautt (St. James Academy) 18-10, Fr. (Fall 4:21).
7th Place Match
David Powers (Franklin) 13-5, Fr. over Travis Prince (Weatherford) 19-7, Sr. (TB-1 9-5).
9th Place Match
Max Buffamante (Katy) 21-7, Sr. over Jackson White (Smithville) 11-10, Fr. (MD 16-2).
11th Place Match
Tyler Jacob (Allen White) 14-12, So. over Wesley Taylor-Vincent (Irving) 17-10, Sr. (Dec 4-2).
13th Place Match
Reagan Prevatt (Cinco Ranch) 17-14, Jr. over Bryce Burdick (Tulsa Union) 6-8, Jr. (DQ).
15th Place Match
Jonathan Cazares (Clear Springs) 13-12, Jr. over Jack Schoen (Centennial) 13-14, So. (Dec 6-0).
17th Place Match
Tony Zepeda (Randall) 10-12, Jr. over Jonathan Gomez (Garden City) 8-12, Jr. (Fall 3:00).
19th Place Match
Skylar Coots (Timber Creek) 9-16, Fr. over Devin Stoker (Olathe North) 5-12, So. (Fall 2:38).
21st Place Match
Terrance Kincaide (Plano East) 2-6, So. over Hayden McFarland (Frisco Heritage) 3-15, So. (Fall 2:52).
23rd Place Match

160 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – A.J. Ferrari of Allen Blue
2nd Place – Nate Moore of Weatherford
3rd Place – Austin Purtle of Smithville
4th Place – Terrell Garraway of Olathe North
5th Place – Adam Wachnin of Vandegrift
6th Place – Cayden Atkins of Goddard
7th Place – Wade Wilson of Katy
8th Place – Gage Hockett of Cushing
9th Place – Patrick Iannelli of Southlake Carroll
10th Place – Jacob Barrett of The Woodlands
11th Place – Jesus Ramos of Garden City
12th Place – Brandon Claunch of Clear Springs
13th Place – Skylar Johnson of Tulsa Union
14th Place – Max Aguayo of Cinco Ranch
15th Place – Andrew McIntosh of Randall
16th Place – Gerardo Almaguer of Centennial
1st Place Match
A.J. Ferrari (Allen Blue) 15-1, Fr. over Nate Moore (Weatherford) 26-3, Sr. (TF-1.5 3:15 (16-1)).
3rd Place Match
Austin Purtle (Smithville) 16-6, Sr. over Terrell Garraway (Olathe North) 17-7, Jr. (Dec 10-7).
5th Place Match
Adam Wachnin (Vandegrift) 16-3, Sr. over Cayden Atkins (Goddard) 8-4, So. (MD 11-2).
7th Place Match
Wade Wilson (Katy) 24-6, Sr. over Gage Hockett (Cushing) 7-6, Fr. (MD 14-6).
9th Place Match
Patrick Iannelli (Southlake Carroll) 15-8, Sr. over Jacob Barrett (The Woodlands) 7-3, Sr. (Fall 0:27).
11th Place Match
Jesus Ramos (Garden City) 7-8, Jr. over Brandon Claunch (Clear Springs) 13-9, Jr. (Fall 1:51).
13th Place Match
Skylar Johnson (Tulsa Union) 6-5, So. over Max Aguayo (Cinco Ranch) 11-18, Fr. (Fall 2:16).
15th Place Match
Andrew McIntosh (Randall) 3-14, So. over Gerardo Almaguer (Centennial) 15-8, Sr. (For.).

170 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Braeden Redlin of Allen Blue
2nd Place – Sammy Cokeley of St. James Academy
3rd Place – Troy Fisher of Goddard
4th Place – Austin Fox of Timber Creek
5th Place – Aron Lindberg of Southlake Carroll
6th Place – Kyle Kretzer of Clear Springs
7th Place – Zack Watson of Weatherford
8th Place – Samuel Simmerman of Frisco Heritage
9th Place – Brian Boyd of Smithville
10th Place – Cole Reed of Allen White
11th Place – Rico Cherico of Garden City
12th Place – Dakota Kleffner of Vandegrift
13th Place – Trey Odam of Tulsa Union
14th Place – Gavin O`Brien of Randall
15th Place – Tyler McGuire of Katy
16th Place – Evan Frantum of Independence
17th Place – Ari Haatanan of Plano West
18th Place – Yordan Orquiz of Franklin
19th Place – Jaylin Carmichael of Centennial
20th Place – Collin Dawes of Cushing
1st Place Match
Braeden Redlin (Allen Blue) 23-2, Jr. over Sammy Cokeley (St. James Academy) 22-3, Sr. (SV-1 6-1).
3rd Place Match
Troy Fisher (Goddard) 7-1, So. over Austin Fox (Timber Creek) 22-6, Sr. (Inj. 3:15).
5th Place Match
Aron Lindberg (Southlake Carroll) 21-9, Sr. over Kyle Kretzer (Clear Springs) 22-4, Jr. (Fall 1:39).
7th Place Match
Zack Watson (Weatherford) 19-7, Sr. over Samuel Simmerman (Frisco Heritage) 14-6, Sr. (Fall 4:32).
9th Place Match
Brian Boyd (Smithville) 16-8, So. over Cole Reed (Allen White) 15-6, Jr. (Fall 5:06).
11th Place Match
Rico Cherico (Garden City) 4-4, Sr. over Dakota Kleffner (Vandegrift) 23-12, Jr. (Fall 1:51).
13th Place Match
Trey Odam (Tulsa Union) 5-7, Jr. over Gavin O`Brien (Randall) 9-10, So. (Fall 1:40).
15th Place Match
Tyler McGuire (Katy) 16-13, Sr. over Evan Frantum (Independence) 5-7, Sr. (Fall 0:52).
17th Place Match
Ari Haatanan (Plano West ) 2-4, Sr. over Yordan Orquiz (Franklin) 11-12, Jr. (Dec 10-5).
19th Place Match
Jaylin Carmichael (Centennial) 7-13, Jr. over Collin Dawes (Cushing) 0-6, Jr. (Fall 1:53).

182 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Clay Lautt of St. James Academy
2nd Place – Jesse Nunez of Garden City
3rd Place – Austin Andres of Goddard
4th Place – Nathan Grimes of Timber Creek
5th Place – Evan Hackett of Allen Blue
6th Place – Adam Lindberg of Southlake Carroll
7th Place – Justin Villegas of Allen White
8th Place – Elijah Tomlin of Tulsa Union
9th Place – Aaron Peterson of Vandegrift
10th Place – Brett Bozworth of Cushing
11th Place – Juan Montenegro of Irving
12th Place – Arthur Lindsley of Katy
13th Place – Tristan Ashford of Franklin
14th Place – Jeremiah Hatfield of Weatherford
15th Place – Treyvon Lorante of Centennial
16th Place – Nik Raymundo of Clear Springs
17th Place – Mark Perry of Plano East
19th Place – Ajay Simon of Plano West
1st Place Match
Clay Lautt (St. James Academy) 24-0, Sr. over Jesse Nunez (Garden City) 16-4, Sr. (MD 16-6).
3rd Place Match
Austin Andres (Goddard) 17-3, Jr. over Nathan Grimes (Timber Creek) 16-4, Jr. (For.).
5th Place Match
Evan Hackett (Allen Blue) 8-2, Sr. over Adam Lindberg (Southlake Carroll) 24-5, Sr. (Dec 7-1).
7th Place Match
Justin Villegas (Allen White) 19-5, Sr. over Elijah Tomlin (Tulsa Union) 5-4, . (Fall 0:54).
9th Place Match
Aaron Peterson (Vandegrift) 26-4, Sr. over Brett Bozworth (Cushing) 6-3, Sr. (Fall 4:59).
11th Place Match
Juan Montenegro (Irving) 25-10, Jr. over Arthur Lindsley (Katy) 21-10, Sr. (MD 9-0).
13th Place Match
Tristan Ashford (Franklin) 16-10, Fr. over Jeremiah Hatfield (Weatherford) 19-12, Jr. (Dec 2-1).
15th Place Match
Treyvon Lorante (Centennial) 8-14, Jr. over Nik Raymundo (Clear Springs) 13-13, So. (Fall 3:18).
17th Place Match
Mark Perry (Plano East) 1-4, Sr. over () , . (Bye).
19th Place Match
Ajay Simon (Plano West ) 0-5, Sr. over () , . (Bye).

195 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Cale Davidson of Goddard
2nd Place – Jacob Boyd of Smithville
3rd Place – Mark Inglehart of Allen Blue
4th Place – Zeke Herrera of Garden City
5th Place – Jake Johnson of Southlake Carroll
6th Place – Wyatt Hardesty of Centennial
7th Place – Roberto Diaz of Katy
8th Place – David Sandoval of Tulsa Union
9th Place – Guillermo Lopez of Irving
10th Place – Nick Bozinos of Olathe North
11th Place – AJ Dickerson of Vandegrift
12th Place – Jordan Baker of Olathe North
13th Place – Tyrese Samuel of Timber Creek
14th Place – Moises Oropeza of Weatherford
15th Place – Kazim Ngvie of Plano West
16th Place – Anthony Tobias of Randall
17th Place – Nick Kwasneski of Plano East
1st Place Match
Cale Davidson (Goddard) 12-1, Sr. over Jacob Boyd (Smithville) 21-1, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
3rd Place Match
Mark Inglehart (Allen Blue) 23-4, Sr. over Zeke Herrera (Garden City) 20-4, Sr. (Dec 2-1).
5th Place Match
Jake Johnson (Southlake Carroll) 19-11, Jr. over Wyatt Hardesty (Centennial) 5-5, Jr. (Dec 11-8).
7th Place Match
Roberto Diaz (Katy) 4-3, Sr. over David Sandoval (Tulsa Union) 3-4, Jr. (Fall 3:21).
9th Place Match
Guillermo Lopez (Irving) 27-6, Jr. over Nick Bozinos (Olathe North) 10-14, Jr. (MD 12-2).
11th Place Match
AJ Dickerson (Vandegrift) 16-4, Sr. over Jordan Baker (Olathe North) 6-4, So. (TF-1.5 5:51 (16-1)).
13th Place Match
Tyrese Samuel (Timber Creek) 5-8, Jr. over Moises Oropeza (Weatherford) 12-12, Jr. (Fall 2:57).
15th Place Match
Kazim Ngvie (Plano West ) 1-5, Sr. over Anthony Tobias (Randall) 1-17, Fr. (Fall 1:12).
17th Place Match
Nick Kwasneski (Plano East) 0-4, Jr. over () , . (Bye).

220 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Nico Manzonelli of Allen Blue
2nd Place – Cameron Barnes of Katy
3rd Place – Jack Drulman of Allen White
4th Place – Jacob Doddridge of Southlake Carroll
5th Place – Noah Sims of Centennial
6th Place – Zach Shawgo of Weatherford
7th Place – Dominic Stean of St. James Academy
8th Place – Hudson Schwartz of Independence
9th Place – Lorenzo Ruiz Hernandez of Garden City
10th Place – Victor Molina of Franklin
11th Place – Thomas Parks of Goddard
12th Place – Hagan Myers of Cushing
13th Place – Eldon Miller of Smithville
14th Place – Conner Kozac of The Woodlands
15th Place – Matt Burks of Olathe North
16th Place – Mason Lewis of Plano East
17th Place – Mich Walker of Tulsa Union
18th Place – Dylan Ward of Timber Creek
19th Place – Michael Vernon of Olathe North
20th Place – Issaiah Carballo of Randall
21st Place – FORFEIT FORFEIT of Unattached
1st Place Match
Nico Manzonelli (Allen Blue) 21-2, Sr. over Cameron Barnes (Katy) 31-2, Sr. (Dec 6-4).
3rd Place Match
Jack Drulman (Allen White) 8-3, Sr. over Jacob Doddridge (Southlake Carroll) 14-7, Jr. (Fall 3:01).
5th Place Match
Noah Sims (Centennial) 22-2, Sr. over Zach Shawgo (Weatherford) 18-10, Sr. (Inj. 1:07).
7th Place Match
Dominic Stean (St. James Academy) 13-5, Sr. over Hudson Schwartz (Independence) 10-6, Sr. (Fall 0:38).
9th Place Match
Lorenzo Ruiz Hernandez (Garden City) 19-11, Sr. over Victor Molina (Franklin) 19-6, Jr. (Fall 5:31).
11th Place Match
Thomas Parks (Goddard) 12-10, Sr. over Hagan Myers (Cushing) 4-5, Sr. (Fall 3:54).
13th Place Match
Eldon Miller (Smithville) 6-18, So. over Conner Kozac (The Woodlands) 11-12, Sr. (Fall 2:51).
15th Place Match
Matt Burks (Olathe North) 10-14, So. over Mason Lewis (Plano East) 3-5, Jr. (Fall 2:35).
17th Place Match
Mich Walker (Tulsa Union) 2-4, Fr. over Dylan Ward (Timber Creek) 6-13, Fr. (Fall 3:43).
19th Place Match
Michael Vernon (Olathe North) 5-6, Fr. over Issaiah Carballo (Randall) 2-12, Fr. (Fall 1:31).

285 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Benny Hernandez of Garden City
2nd Place – Elwood Tomlin of Tulsa Union
3rd Place – Henry Klinge of Southlake Carroll
4th Place – Jack Allen of Cinco Ranch
5th Place – Johnny Green of Allen Blue
6th Place – Ryan McCoy of Independence
7th Place – Nathan Harrell of Olathe North
8th Place – Cody Fisher of Smithville
9th Place – Joel Montes of Plano West
10th Place – Zakary Chavez of Centennial
11th Place – Landon Calvert of Goddard
12th Place – Jason Rodriguez of Katy
13th Place – FORFEIT FORFEIT of Unattached
14th Place – FORFEIT FORFEIT of Unattached
1st Place Match
Benny Hernandez (Garden City) 17-2, Sr. over Elwood Tomlin (Tulsa Union) 8-1, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd Place Match
Henry Klinge (Southlake Carroll) 6-1, Sr. over Jack Allen (Cinco Ranch) 9-3, Jr. (Fall 3:18).
5th Place Match
Johnny Green (Allen Blue) 3-3, So. over Ryan McCoy (Independence) 8-6, Jr. (Fall 4:00).
7th Place Match
Nathan Harrell (Olathe North) 8-11, Sr. over Cody Fisher (Smithville) 6-17, Fr. (Fall 1:17).
9th Place Match
Joel Montes (Plano West ) 4-2, Sr. over Zakary Chavez (Centennial) 6-8, Jr. (Fall 2:43).
11th Place Match
Landon Calvert (Goddard) 5-11, Sr. over Jason Rodriguez (Katy) 3-4, Sr. (Fall 4:45).