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Las Cruces Invitational Notable Results

Some of the El Paso Teams was in New Mexico last weekend, some notables are.

Isaiah Delgado of Eastwood dropped to 113 and placed 2nd,

Kobe Nelms of Franklin place 4th at 120,

James McClain of Franklin placed 1st,  Jeremy Acevedo of Coronado placed 3rd at 126

Ryan Chavez of Eastwood placed 2nd and Jesus Murillo of Franklin placed 5th, Chavez bumped up to 132.

Christian Hernandez of Bel Air placed 3rd at 145

David Powers of Franklin placed 5th at 160 along with De`Marrea Allen of Eastwood at 170

-Freddy Gomez of Eastwood placed 3rd

Victor Molina of Franklin was Texas only Champion \, was at 220

Elijah Fernandez of Eastwood place 4th  at 285

complete results and brackets