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Starting this season, Best Trained Wrestling and NB Elite are proud to announce the formation of a national team to compete under the name Texas Best Trained Elite. This alliance will serve to unite north and south Texas for the betterment of wrestling throughout the state.

The goal of the alliance is to elevate Texas wrestling at the national level, which will provide all of Texas wrestling and wrestlers the opportunity for more visibility across the nation – by college coaches and recruiters. As has been proven in other states, combining top teams for national competition will raise the level of wrestling within the rooms and across the state.

Driven by a commitment to improve the sport of wrestling and raise the bar in the state of Texas, Coach Jerry Best has committed to working on a volunteer basis with the NB Elite team throughout the year to ensure the new national team has consistency and depth.


“Texas wrestling has the potential to be a force at the national level, and national recognition could drive the sport to a greater level across the state. Success breeds success, and it takes hard work – that’s one of the greatest lessons the sport teaches us – hard work and dedication pays off.” Said Best Trained Coach, Jerry Best. “Any team competing at a national level needs to work together as a team with common goals and similar dedication.”

“As a developing nonprofit program, NB Elite relies on people donating a lot of time and effort, that’s the way we roll so to speak. What we do is strictly for the benefit of the kids, and we have been in the process of trying to build a decent program with volunteers and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.” Said NB Elite Coach, Troy Jewell. “This alliance, and the dedication of Coach Best to help all our wrestlers, will improve not only our team, but wrestling in general across the state.”

With a handful of opportunities to compete as a team, the wrestlers will be able to showcase their hard work, commitment, and overall Team effort at some of the biggest tournaments in the country. Texas Best Trained Elite puts Texas in front of both team names to show commitment to Texas wrestling and overall representation of our state. Also, by putting the Texas brand at the front of the name, both teams hope to keep an open door to all that would want to support the effort and get involved.

Texas Best Trained Elite will start its National debut at the Pre-Season Nationals in Iowa.

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