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Simpson College in Iowa is after Texas Recruits

A note from Coach Nate

The one thing we hear more than anything is “I know NCAA D-III has a reputation for great academics and incredible facilities – but they don’t give athletic scholarships.”

Those days are over, at least for you! Because we have identified Texas as a place that always has student-athletes that fit what we are looking for, so we have an EXTRA $8,000.00/ year of FREE Scholarship Money for you!

This is absolutely no different than an Athletic Scholarship; it is money that gets added on top of whatever else you’re getting from FAFSA, churches and even Simpson!

It’s pretty simple, in order to qualify for the additional $8,000/ year at Simpson you must:
Graduate from a TX high school with a 3.0 or above cumulative GPA
Score a 20 or above ACT (we also accept SAT equivalents)
Sound good? You can find our application at the “Simpson College” link above. Also please fill out our recruit questionnaire at:
Let me know if you have questions about the next steps!

Coach Nate

Nate Hansen, CSCS
Head Wrestling/Strength Coach
515-961-1618 (office)
605-830-0456 (cell)