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Best Trained Wins The Mat Bash Dual Tournament

The 5th annual Mat Bash Dual Tournament hosted by Nick McClellan of the  Lil Texans Wrestling Club lived up to its name.  Each team wrestled 12 duals over the 2 day tournament.  Allens Best Trained Club came out the victor over 24 other teams from around the county 9 from Texas Clubs.  Allens only loss was to Team St Louis 37-36,  It had it controversy with a couple 0f matches but in the end with a 3 way tie for 1st Allen came out the winner in criteria by scoring the most points of the day.   The Wrestling Factory Club from Midlothian came in 2nd on the Silver bracket.  Complete individual results will be posted tomorrow per Texas Club.   All  places are below.  Congrats to Best Trained Club and Thanks to Texans Wrestling Club for hosting.

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Best Trained
2nd Place – Team St Louis
3rd Place – Kansas Gold
4th Place – Nebraska Patriots
5th Place – South Florida Thunder
6th Place – Clark County Wrestling
Round 1
Kansas Gold defeated South Florida Thunder 41-15.
Best Trained defeated Clark County Wrestling 43-18.
Team St Louis defeated Nebraska Patriots 37-19.
Round 2
Kansas Gold defeated Team St Louis 33-24.
Nebraska Patriots defeated Clark County Wrestling 37-22.
Best Trained defeated South Florida Thunder 50-10.
Round 3
Kansas Gold defeated Nebraska Patriots 29-27.
South Florida Thunder defeated Clark County Wrestling 29-28.
Team St Louis defeated Best Trained 37-36.
Round 4
Best Trained defeated Kansas Gold 39-12.
Team St Louis defeated Clark County Wrestling 50-12.
Nebraska Patriots defeated South Florida Thunder 36-22.
Round 5
Kansas Gold defeated Clark County Wrestling 51-9.
Best Trained defeated Nebraska Patriots 48-18.
Team St Louis defeated South Florida Thunder 45-19.

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Turks Head
2nd Place – Wrestling Factory
3rd Place – Vision Quest
4th Place – Nebraska Warriors
5th Place – Texas Dynamite
6th Place – WCA
Round 1
Vision Quest defeated Nebraska Warriors 39-35.
Turks Head defeated Wrestling Factory 67-12.
Texas Dynamite defeated WCA 40-28.
Round 2
Nebraska Warriors defeated WCA 38-23.
Wrestling Factory defeated Texas Dynamite 39-30.
Turks Head defeated Vision Quest 49-18.
Round 3
Nebraska Warriors defeated Texas Dynamite 46-24.
Wrestling Factory defeated Vision Quest 44-29.
Turks Head defeated WCA 52-18.
Round 4
Turks Head defeated Nebraska Warriors 52-15.
Wrestling Factory defeated WCA 51-30.
Vision Quest defeated Texas Dynamite 37-36.
Round 5
Wrestling Factory defeated Nebraska Warriors 51-24.
Turks Head defeated Texas Dynamite 46-19.
WCA defeated Vision Quest 40-34.

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Kansas Silver
2nd Place – Team Iowa
3rd Place – Team Renegade
4th Place – 3F
5th Place – 806 Elite
6th Place – Mama`s Boyz
Round 1
3F defeated 806 Elite 37-29.
Team Renegade defeated Mama`s Boyz 48-24.
Kansas Silver defeated Team Iowa 41-20.
Round 2
Kansas Silver defeated 3F 52-18.
Team Iowa defeated Mama`s Boyz 51-9.
Team Renegade defeated 806 Elite 42-33.
Round 3
Team Iowa defeated 3F 43-16.
806 Elite defeated Mama`s Boyz 39-36.
Kansas Silver defeated Team Renegade 54-12.
Round 4
Team Renegade defeated 3F 47-30.
Kansas Silver defeated Mama`s Boyz 57-18.
Team Iowa defeated 806 Elite 46-33.
Round 5
3F defeated Mama`s Boyz 42-15.
Team Iowa defeated Team Renegade 59-16.
Kansas Silver defeated 806 Elite 55-18.

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Geary
2nd Place – Kansas Black
3rd Place – Lone Star Elite
4th Place – Kansas Red
5th Place – RGV Venom
6th Place – USA Dynamite
Round 1
Geary defeated Lone Star Elite 45-28.
Kansas Red defeated USA Dynamite 48-9.
Kansas Black defeated RGV Venom 58-15.
Round 2
Kansas Black defeated Lone Star Elite 51-22.
RGV Venom defeated USA Dynamite 57-9.
Geary defeated Kansas Red 51-18.
Round 3
Lone Star Elite defeated RGV Venom 41-30.
Geary defeated USA Dynamite 63-10.
Kansas Black defeated Kansas Red 52-19.
Round 4
Lone Star Elite defeated Kansas Red 45-31.
Kansas Black defeated USA Dynamite 75-3.
Geary defeated RGV Venom 49-30.
Round 5
Lone Star Elite defeated USA Dynamite 1-0.
Kansas Red defeated RGV Venom 34-30.
Geary defeated Kansas Black 42-37.