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Team Texas Thoughts by one of the Top Club Coaches in the State

Team Texas!!! The bigger picture

This write up was run by the entire national team coaching staff and director before it was presented to you. Everyone of them agreed 100%

On the way home from Fargo I had time to reflect on the trip and the teams results. Although the team managed to have 8 All-Americans
. I would still say as a whole the tournament was a letdown for team Texas , our team should have done better . Our level of wrestling is just still not high enough to dominate at the national level. The coaching staff has discussed thoroughly the outcome , and all have started to voice their opinion’s on the current team and what needs to be done going forward . Some have suggested encouraging kids to pick one style or the other , that the grind of doing both is just too much for us right now . There is talk of having more of a selection process rather than a qualifier. It was stressed the importance of finding committed kids. It is also agreed that the team needs to come together throughout the year , and practice as a team and work at raising the teams level of wrestling , building team morale
(again , commitment ). Possibly even putting together a year-round tournament schedule for both styles , along with team practices at each one. Something to bring these guys together more often so they can gel and build team chemistry.
Few weeks back I had a conversation with a friend in the Dallas area. He told me about the multiple clubs up there and how they keep growing. He said “there are too many .” How a coach/parent can suddenly have an issue become fed up with their current team or get their feelings hurt in some way , so then they take their kids and go off to start another one. As I have stated before , in my opinion this is what is holding Texas wrestling back level wise , and a major reason for its current status on the national scene. Texas is not a strong enough wrestling state for division, and is in desperate need for consolidation . Two major understandings that should be installed in all athletes yet many parents and coaches do not get themselves , are the meanings of Team and team loyalty. Loyalty amongst the kids themselves…., their teammates. Every time a coach/parent runs off with their kids because of their own personal feelings , they are doing more damage than they know. Not only are they teaching their kid it is OK to quit a program , they are also teaching them it is OK to let down teammates , teammates who depended on them in the practice room , and in competition , in battle if you will . In this state and its current situation ,this act is another reason for the watered-down level that exist today. In my opinion until Texas wrestling learns that there is no “I” in team , and start showing some loyalty and commitment to each other, Texas is going to stay exactly where it’s at on the national scene. As coaches and parents we need to provide a stable structure that is consistent for our kids , and remember it is not about us and “it is all about them . ” We need to be encouraging the team concept and teaching them to be good
teammates …., loyal teammates, accountable teammates . To the point of them understanding , even missing practice is letting their teammates down to an extent .
Past national champions and High Place winning All Americans for the state of Texas all come from Great TEAMS. Nick Reenan , Jack Mueller, Bo Nickel, Oliver Pierce , Breaden Redlin , Alex Liles , Nathan Rankin ,Garrett Miller, Jack Skudlarczyk , all wrestled for outstanding teams , teams with DEPTH and chemistry . In fact there are very few programs in the state of Texas with any depth at all, hardly enough for any kind of division. As I Previously stated I believe the formula has to work like this;
Consolidate to raise the level
Once the level is up the success level will rise , the increasing numbers in the room will come up with it.
As the numbers grow in the rooms and depth is established in all , then the division and the spreading of the sport Will work effectively.
Right now it is working against itself in Texas . My advice , pick a stable program that is heading a direction you want to see your kid go , then buy in and stick to it . Even when it’s not that much fun on mom or dad at times . Whether it is the cost , the drive , or conflict in personality with possibly other parents or coaches . Parents gotta learn to be tough at times too as it is about the kids ,
right ? Mom and dad need to set a good Team example themselves.
Our unstable structure or overall lack of across the state, is hurting our kids and holding back their progress .
Too much selfishness and not enough selflessness. If A parent is only concerned about how his or her kid does and not the whole team , then they don’t understand how a team works .
It’s not about you , it’s about us

Troy Jewel @ NB Elite