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Team Texas Session 1 Cadet Greco results

Standings after Session 1 of the Cadet Greco Tournament,  Clarkson,  Strmiska, Delgado, Manderfeld, Manibog, and Mora still undefeated



NameGroupWeight ClassActual WeightStanding
Chavez, DominicCadet Greco10094.600-2
Clarkson, ThomasCadet Greco10094.201-0
Strmiska, JordanCadet Greco10099.801-0
Two Lance, JadenCadet Greco10099.800-2
Semones, FletcherCadet Greco106105.201-1
Coapstick, GregoryCadet Greco113112.202-1
Delgado, IsaiahCadet Greco113112.802-0
Miller, NoahCadet Greco113112.802-1
Jimenez, JoshuaCadet Greco120120.001-2
manderfeld, connorCadet Greco120119.803-0
Denney, DavidCadet Greco126125.802-1
Najera, BrianCadet Greco126125.601-2
Manibog, DanielCadet Greco132131.602-0
Two Lance, EricCadet Greco138137.601-2
Laniyan, LayoCadet Greco145144.600-2
Mora, SamuelCadet Greco152152.001-0
Kilgore, AdamCadet Greco160159.801-1
Carrillo, JakeCadet Greco170169.200-2
Alexander, KoltonCadet Greco182181.801-1
Beckman, BrodeyCadet Greco182181.001-1
Boecker, CameronCadet Greco220219.600-1