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Team Texas Junior Women @ Fargo

Womens Junior National Team Texas Team with over 50 registered wrestlers, is a loaded field of State Champs, placers, and qualifiers and Top Ranked girls in the State, most all the Cadet Women have bumped up the age group.    They are scheduled to start Monday @ 6pm with Finals being Tuesday evening @ 6pm


Chavez, NaomiJunior Women`s FS970.00
Flores, MeganJunior Women`s FS970.00
Gomez, AngelinaJunior Women`s FS970.00
Mance, ErinJunior Women`s FS970.00
McNichols, JaclynJunior Women`s FS970.00
Perez, NicoleJunior Women`s FS970.00
Ray, AsiaJunior Women`s FS970.00
Salazar, DanielaJunior Women`s FS970.00
Trevino, EsthelaJunior Women`s FS970.00
Fowler, CharlotteJunior Women`s FS1050.00
Kadota, Shim MiJunior Women`s FS1050.00
Lomas, MariahJunior Women`s FS1050.00
Rodriguez, NatalieJunior Women`s FS1050.00
Smith, TrinitiJunior Women`s FS1050.00
Beggs, MackenzieJunior Women`s FS1120.00
DeLeon, HaileyJunior Women`s FS1120.00
Hanna, AlexisJunior Women`s FS1120.00
Mota-pettis, XochitlJunior Women`s FS1120.00
Herle, AlexandraJunior Women`s FS1170.00
Pomykal, KiraJunior Women`s FS1170.00
Rivera, JonbenetJunior Women`s FS1170.00
Baudhuin, AlexandraJunior Women`s FS1210.00
Brown Ton, SierraJunior Women`s FS1210.00
Dawson, SydneyJunior Women`s FS1210.00
Davis, HaliJunior Women`s FS1250.00
Mize, LoganJunior Women`s FS1250.00
Bates, BrittanyJunior Women`s FS1300.00
Blanchard, JillJunior Women`s FS1300.00
Cordova, RebekahJunior Women`s FS1300.00
Duty, BridgetteJunior Women`s FS1300.00
Liles, AlexandriaJunior Women`s FS1300.00
Parker, MattisonJunior Women`s FS1300.00
Villalobos, SerenityJunior Women`s FS1300.00
Dale, LaurenJunior Women`s FS1390.00
Goodman, JourniJunior Women`s FS1390.00
Guerra, AveryJunior Women`s FS1390.00
Hernandez, GabrielleJunior Women`s FS1390.00
Kirk, AdrianaJunior Women`s FS1390.00
Perez, AdelyhdaJunior Women`s FS1390.00
Robinson, HunterJunior Women`s FS1390.00
Silva, AstridJunior Women`s FS1390.00
Villalobos, CieloJunior Women`s FS1390.00
Brock, SkylarJunior Women`s FS1480.00
Hollins, PassionJunior Women`s FS1480.00
Vital, LeilaniJunior Women`s FS1480.00
Lloyd, MeganJunior Women`s FS1590.00
Rocha, ArielJunior Women`s FS1590.00
Nwankwo, NkechinyereJunior Women`s FS1720.00
Austin, KyraJunior Women`s FS1980.00
Eggeling, AshleyJunior Women`s FS1980.00
Jennings, EmilyJunior Women`s FS1980.00
Ramos, LarissaJunior Women`s FS1980.00