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Team Texas Cadet Boys Greco are under way @ Fargo

Team Texas Cadet Boys registered for the Cadet Greco National Tournament is almost the same team that went to cadet duals,  Sam Mora and Dominic Chavez went undefeated at the duals tournament, couple other wrestlers only had 1 loss, Good Luck to the Cadets


Chavez, DominicCadet Greco10094.600.00
Clarkson, ThomasCadet Greco10094.200.00
Strmiska, JordanCadet Greco10099.800.00
Two Lance, JadenCadet Greco10099.800.00
Semones, FletcherCadet Greco106105.200.00
Coapstick, GregoryCadet Greco113112.200.00
Delgado, IsaiahCadet Greco113112.800.00
Miller, NoahCadet Greco113112.800.00
Jimenez, JoshuaCadet Greco120120.000.00
manderfeld, connorCadet Greco120119.800.00
Denney, DavidCadet Greco126125.800.00
Najera, BrianCadet Greco126125.600.00
Manibog, DanielCadet Greco132131.600.00
Two Lance, EricCadet Greco138137.600.00
Laniyan, LayoCadet Greco145144.600.00
Mora, SamuelCadet Greco152152.000.00
Kilgore, AdamCadet Greco160159.800.00
Carrillo, JakeCadet Greco170169.200.00
Alexander, KoltonCadet Greco182181.800.00
Beckman, BrodeyCadet Greco182181.000.00
Boecker, CameronCadet Greco220219.600.00