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Cadet Women to Start The Fargo run

Team Texas has 17 Cadet Women registered to start the Team Texas Fargo run,  Lead by State Champs Angelina Gomez, Alex Liles and 7 other State placer and qualifiers, Gomez will try to better her 2nd place finish last year as Liles will try to better her 3rd place finish.  Hali Davis also AA @ 8th place last year, The rest of the girls are looking for their first National AA.

Wrestling can be seen live on Flo, and starts at 2pm today

State Rank

McNichols, JaclynCadet Women`s FS950.00
Gomez, AngelinaCadet Women`s FS1011
Rodriguez, NatalieCadet Women`s FS1080.00
Smith, TrinitiCadet Women`s FS1080.00
Mota-pettis, XochitlCadet Women`s FS1154
Pomykal, KiraCadet Women`s FS1154
Baudhuin, AlexandraCadet Women`s FS1240.00
Davis, HaliCadet Women`s FS1242
Dawson, SydneyCadet Women`s FS1240.00
Parker, MattisonCadet Women`s FS1240.00
Liles, AlexandriaCadet Women`s FS1321
Villalobos, SerenityCadet Women`s FS1323
Goodman, JourniCadet Women`s FS1437
Guerra, AveryCadet Women`s FS1430.00
Kirk, AdrianaCadet Women`s FS1430.00
Perez, AdelyhdaCadet Women`s FS1433
Robinson, HunterCadet Women`s FS1432