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Team Texas Cadet Greco Results Day 1

Team Texas had a tough draw in Pool A today,  Rd 1 they got  Team Washington, who buzzed through everyone in their Pool to win Pool A,  beating Texas 54-21.   Team Utah edged out Texas 52-26, which put Texas going for 7th place in there Pool.  Team Texas handled Ohio Blue team beating them by 40pts, 59-19.

Adam Maestra and AJ Ferrari are the only 2 Cadets still undefeated, AJ is 3-., and Adam is 2-0.

Tomorrow Team Texas will be in the Green/Yellow Pool along with New Jersey Blue, Georgia Blue, and Ohio Blue. so most of the boys are guaranteed 3 more matches before Freestyle starts on Friday.

Below are complete Results

Washington vs Texas

Match SummaryWATX
126Austin Cleland (Washington) over Sameer Mussali (Texas) Fall 1:145.000
132Daniel Manibog (Texas) over Christian Freund (Washington) TF 11-004.00
138Albert Ferrari (Texas) over Quinton Scott (Washington) Dec 8-513.00
145Nathan Moore (Washington) over Cameron Haddock (Texas) TF 10-04.000
152John Knight (Washington) over Samuel Mora (Texas) Fall 1:155.000
160Jack Ervien (Washington) over Manny Elizondo (Texas) TF 10-04.000
170Malachi Lawrence (Washington) over Jake Carrillo (Texas) TF 12-14.001
182Jackson McKinney (Washington) over Aiden Conner (Texas) Dec 8-23.001
195Caleb Thomas (Washington) over KK Moe (Texas) TF 12-04.000
220Xavier Williams (Washington) over George Marsh (Texas) Fall 4:015.000
285Benedict Sipe (Texas) over John Keiser (Washington) TF 10-004.00
88Griffin Klockeman (Washington) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf5.000
94Brenden Chaowanapibool (Washington) over Skylar Smith (Texas) TF 13-34.001
100Chase Tebbets (Washington) over Jaden Two lance (Texas) TF 10-04.000
106Max Wheeler (Washington) over Hunter Males (Texas) TF 10-04.000
113Gregory Coapstick (Texas) over Isaac Lopez (Washington) TF 15-514.00
120Adam Maestas (Texas) over CJ Richmond (Washington) Dec 7-413.00
Dual Meet Score54.021.0


Texas vs Utah

Match SummaryTXUT
132Brady Lowry (Utah) over Daniel Manibog (Texas) Fall 3:1805.00
138Albert Ferrari (Texas) over Dyllin Broughton (Utah) TF 13-34.001
145Isaac Wilcox (Utah) over Eric Two Lance (Texas) TF 11-004.00
152Samuel Mora (Texas) over Brock Lloyd (Utah) TF 10-04.000
160Manny Elizondo (Texas) over Logan Kennard (Utah) TF 10-04.000
170Tucker Bartels (Utah) over Adam Kilgore (Texas) Dec 7-413.00
182Mac Peterson (Utah) over Aiden Conner (Texas) Fall 0:3805.00
195Jaeger Clark (Utah) over KK Moe (Texas) Fall 1:1205.00
220Chase Trussell (Utah) over George Marsh (Texas) TF 12-214.00
285Brady Briskey (Utah) over Benedict Sipe (Texas) Fall 2:0905.00
88Blayze Keckler (Utah) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf05.00
94Skylar Smith (Texas) over Van Bray (Utah) TF 14-14.001
100Jaden Two lance (Texas) over Ryker Boyce (Utah) Dec 12-43.001
106Gavin Ayotte (Utah) over Hunter Males (Texas) TF 13-004.00
113Gregory Coapstick (Texas) over Cole Zorn (Utah) TF 12-24.001
120Stockton O`brien (Utah) over Yahya Maqavi (Texas) Fall 1:0905.00
126Kade Thompson (Utah) over Tatsuro Iwase (Texas) Dec 8-613.00
Dual Meet Score26.052.0


Texas vs Ohio Blue

Match SummaryTXOH
145Cameron Haddock (Texas) over Nolan Hogue (Ohio Blue) Fall 4:495.000
152Samuel Mora (Texas) over David Reinhart (Ohio Blue) Fall 3:225.000
160Lewis Aguilar (Ohio Blue) over Manny Elizondo (Texas) Dec 7-413.00
170Jake Carrillo (Texas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf5.000
182Aiden Conner (Texas) over Zak Crissman (Ohio Blue) TF 10-04.000
195KK Moe (Texas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf5.000
220George Marsh (Texas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf5.000
285Benedict Sipe (Texas) over Louden Haga (Ohio Blue) Fall 1:565.000
88Jake Manley (Ohio Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf05.00
94Skylar Smith (Texas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf5.000
100Jaden Two lance (Texas) over Collin Yinger (Ohio Blue) Dec 7-03.000
106Dylan Shawver (Ohio Blue) over Hunter Males (Texas) TF 10-004.00
113Bryce Andonian (Ohio Blue) over Gregory Coapstick (Texas) Fall 5:3005.00
120Adam Maestas (Texas) over Gavin Bell (Ohio Blue) Dec 9-63.001
126Tatsuro Iwase (Texas) over Joe Caprella (Ohio Blue) TF 12-04.000
132Daniel Manibog (Texas) over Jordan Keegan (Ohio Blue) TF 12-24.001
138Albert Ferrari (Texas) over Cole Hivnor (Ohio Blue) Fall 1:415.000
Dual Meet Score59.019.0