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Texas Freestyle State Facts/Stats

Some fun Stats taken from Trackwrestling,  Had alot more double Champs than first thought, appears to be a tough bunch of Cadets up and coming.



Cadet – 94– Thomas Clarkson of 3F Wrestling

Cadet – 100– Jaden Two Lance of RockStar Wrestling Club

Cadet – 113– Gregory Coapstick of Lofton Style Wrestling Club

Cadet – 120 –Connor Manderfeld of RockStar Wrestling Club

Cadet – 132–Daniel Manibog of KT 3 Style

Cadet – 138– Albert Ferrari of Best Trained Wrestling

Cadet – 160–Manuel Elizondo of Vici Wrestling Club

Cadet – 170–Adam Kilgore of Arlington Storm Wrestling Club

Cadet – 182–Aidan Conner of Lofton Style Wrestling Club

Cadet – 285–Robert Harbor of 3 Style Wrestling

Junior – 100–Chris Thomas of Vici Wrestling Club

Junior – 106– Baylor Steward of Frisco Bombers

Junior – 113–Nathaneal Rankin of Best Trained Wrestling

Junior – 120–Jack Skudlarczyk of 3F Wrestling

Junior – 132– Blaine Martinez of RockStar Wrestling Club

Junior – 138–Camden Fontenot of Vici Wrestling Club

Junior – 145–Alexander Frometa of Woodlands High School Wrestling

Junior – 160– Braeden Redlin of Best Trained Wrestling

Junior – 195–Collin Mccoy of Best Trained Wrestling

Junior – 285– Mckyle Ahmed of Arlington Storm Wrestling Club



Top Ten most  Pins with fastest time.

1.Potter, DylangerRockStar Wrestling Club45:57
2.Frometa, AlexanderWoodlands High School Wrestling31:31
3.Redlin, BraedenBest Trained Wrestling32:48
4.Carpenter, DanielVernon Wrestling Club34:37
5.Kleckner, TrevorTrinity High School Wrestling35:36
6.Rossiter, HenryCypress Woods HS Wrestling36:50
7.Fox, AustinMile High Wrestling Club TX37:05
8.Ventura, EmanuelIrving High School Wrestling37:52
8.Baller, ReevesMile High Wrestling Club TX37:52
10.Von Holten, KamdonPunisher21:03

Top Ten Most Tech-Falls with fastest time.

1.Coapstick, GregoryLofton Style Wrestling Club68:25
2.Monday, QuincyRockStar Wrestling Club513:33
3.Manderfeld, ConnorRockStar Wrestling Club44:01
4.Haddock, CameronSouthlake Carroll HS Wrestling44:12
5.Ausman, SchonSpartan Mat Club44:14
6.Taylor, JoseRockStar Wrestling Club45:22
7.Monday, KennedyRockStar Wrestling Club45:39
8.Turbyfill, PaytonNB Elite46:00
9.Mcclinton, DemoneRockStar Wrestling Club46:08
10.Mora, SamuelMaverick Elite Wrestling Club46:26

Top Ten Fastest Pins

1.Frometa, AlexanderWoodlands High School Wrestling0:00
2.Bahnsen, GrantBattleground Wrestling0:13
3.Huerta, AndrewAlamo City0:14
4.Vinson, Ali AaronPack Wrestling0:15
4.Ham, CooperCyclone Youth Wrestling0:15
6.Valentine, RoderickMile High Wrestling Club TX0:18
6.Clarkson, Thomas3F Wrestling0:18
6.Taylor, JoseRockStar Wrestling Club0:18
9.Tannery, Morgan3 Style Wrestling0:19
9.Franklin, DeMichaelWithout Limits Wrestling Club0:19