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5A UIL State Championship Boys preview analysis

We are just one day away from the first teams arriving at the Berry Center for STATES!!!


The 5A team race is going to be exciting with 6 teams in the hunt for a team trophy this year. Canyon Randall has a legitimated shot at getting 5 champions. To have any hope of wining the team title Randall will need a full team effort. Especially with teams like Vandargrift, Rockwall Heath, and Dumas that have the ability to score a ton of points on the back side of the brackets. At the end of the day this tournament is going to be won by state titles and bonus points.It’s going to be interesting to see how this team race is shaping up on Friday night.


Tier one

Canyon Randall – 5

Rockwall Heath – 9

Vandargrift – 8

Dumas – 8

Centennial – 5

Frisco Liberty – 6


Tier Two

Vista Ridge – 6


Creekveiw – 4


Tier Three

College Station – 6

Leander – 5

Azle – 5





The front runner in this weigh is freshman Jonathon Ortegon. In the Region 1 finals Ortegonbeat returning state placer Javier Vasquez. Cortes Casrellanos had a great regional tournament finishing in the top spot over returning state placer Jamie Perez. Perez was beat in the quarterfinals by Tyler Brennan.


Wrestlers to watch

Jonathon Ortegon                   R1 1st Place, Youth State Champion

Jamie Perez                             R2 3rd Place, 5th State

Javier Vasquez                                    R1 2nd Place, 3rd State

Cortez Casrellanos                  R2 1st Place

Tyler Brennan                         R2 2nd Place

James Chapman                      R4 1st Place

Karsten Johnson                      R3 1st Place




Going into regionals returning state finalist Gregory Coapstick would have been the odds on favorite to win this weight. That was before Adrian Gonzales beat him in the in the Region 2 finals. The Region 4 Champ Victor Segura is the only undefeated wrestler in the bracket.


Wrestlers to watch

Gregory Coapstick                  R2 2nd Place, 2nd State

Victor Segura                          R4 1st Place

Adrian Gonzales                      R2 1st Place

Landon Williams                     R1 1st Place

Mason Kruijac                         R3 1st Place




Returning State Champion Xavier Torres is the clear favorite at this weight. Look for Torres to be pushed by returning state finalist Gabriel Costa. The other returning state placer in this weight class is Region 3 champ Zarik Anderson.


Wrestlers to watch

Xavier Torres                          R1 1st Place, State Champion

Gabriel Costa                          R2 1st Place, 2nd State

Zarik Anderson                        R3 1st Place, 4th State

Armando Bustillos                   R4 1st Place

Christion Ontiveros                 R1 3rd Place

Cesar Ramirez                                    R1 2nd Place



This weight class will feature 3 previous state finalist. Michael Sanchez beat 2x state placer Bailer Thomason to win Region 1 championship. Region 2 finalist Jake Simmermen is the returning state finalist at this weight. Chris Ringo is looking to get back on the podium again after a few disappointing finishes in his last two his season.


Wrestlers to watch

Michael Sanchez                     R1 1st Place, 2nd State

Chris Ringo                              R3 1st Place 5th 2013 State

Bailer Thomason                     R1 2nd Place, 3rd State

Jake Simmermen                    R2 1st Place, 2nd State

Joseth Suarez                          R4 1st Place



Mario Vasquez has keep the momentum rolling from an outstanding preseason, where he beat 6A State Champion Wyatt Alvis and 5A State Champion Riley Jacops in back to back matches. Vasquez is undefeated on the year and poised to capture his first state title.


Wrestlers to watch

Mario Vasquez                        R1 1st Place, 4th2014 State

Virley Session                          R2 1st Place, 3rd State

Jacob Gibbs                             R1 3rd Place, 5th State

Braxton Montgomery             R1 2nd Place

Hayden Buchanan                   R2 3rd Place

Casey Clair                              R2 2nd Place



This is one of the deepest weigh class in the tournament and leading the way is returning State Champion Riley Jacops. Trying to chase down Jacops is freshman Seth Dixon.   Dixion just beat returning state place winner Talen Widener to win his first Regional title. Austin Ruff won a Region 3 title by taking out Nicholas Rose another returning state placer.


Wrestlers to watch

Seth Dixon                               R1 1st Place, Youth State Champion

Nicholas Rose                          R3 2nd Place, 5th State

Talen Widener                                    R1 2nd Place, 6th State

Austin Ruff                              R3 1st Place

Riley Jacops                             R4 1st Place, State Champion

Mason Vidrine                                    R4 2nd Place, 5th State



Chase Roth is coming into this tournament undefeated and looking to win his 4th state title. This will be Roth’s 3rd UIL state title, in 2014 he won a private school title. There are two other returning state placer winners in this weight class Region 4 champ Charlie Boatman and Region 1 champ Zach Garza.


Wrestlers to watch

Chase Roth                              R2 1st Place, State Champion

Charlie Boatman                     R4 1st Place, 4th State

Zach Garza                              R1 1st place, 3rd State

Jason Yarbro                           R2 2nd Place

Jordan Noble                           R3 1st Place

IsrealHerrea                            R1 2nd Place



Jordan Robison finished last year’s tournament in second place and is in position to win his first state title. Adam Wachninlooks to be Robinson’s biggest challenger for the title. Wachnin took 3rd in the state tournament his freshman, but a had bad run last year and didn’t make the podium.


Wrestlers to watch

Jordan Robison                        R2 1stPlace, 2nd State, 8th Place Preseason Nationals

Adam Wachnin                       R4 1st Place, 2014 3rd State

KielerIsham                             R3 1st Place

Jose Angel Zuniga                   R4 2nd Place

Cameron Ward                       R3 1st Place



Zach Diaz is in search of placing in his third consecutive UIL State tournament and trying to win back to back state titles. Tell Ward was your Region 3 champion beating Christian Mendez the only other returning state place winner in the bracket. It will take a tremendous effort for someone to finish ahead of Diaz.


Wrestlers to watch

Christian Mendez                    R3 3rd Place, State 5th

Nathan Bennett                       R2 1st Place

Zach Diaz                                R1 1st Place, State Champion

Tell Ward                                R3 1st Place

Matt Tellez                              R4 1st Place

Sam Beal                                 R3 2nd Place



Christian McBroom is a returning state finalist at this weight. McBroom has to be the clear favorite after navigating through the toughest Regional bracket in the state. McBroom beat JT Belcourt in the finals, who out lasted fellow state placer Grant Johnson in the semifinals.


Wrestlers to watch

Christian McBroom                R1 1st Place, 2nd State

JT Belcourt                              R1 2nd Place, 4th State

Aaron Peterson                       R4 1st Place

Grant Johnson                         R1 3rd Place, 5th State

Jason Gonzalez-Whitsell         R2 1st Place

Chime Jiwuaku                        R3 1st Place



Luke Hodsden is looking to close out his high school career with another state title. Hodsden might be the biggest favorite in the state tournament to win a title. If anyone can challenge Hodsden for the title, it will be returning state place winner Joshua Molinar.


Wrestlers to watch

Luke Hodsden                          R4 1st Place, State Champion

Joshua Molinar                       R1 1st Place, 6th State

Samuel Lund                           R2 1st Place

Stryder Rodrigues                   R3 1st Place

Kevin Overlin                          R2 2nd Place



Region 2 champ Noah Sims is the returning state finalist at this weight. To win his first state title Sims will have to get past undefeated Region 1 champ Saul Rodriguez.   Tyler Young the Region 4 champ will also be in the mix with only one lost on the season.


Wrestlers to watch

Tyler Young                             R4 1st Place

Saul Rodriguez                                    R1 1st Place

Noah Sims                            R2 1st Place, 2nd State

Ezra Hernanez                         R3 1st Place

Seth Bell                                  R2 2nd Place



Khalil Gibson has a slight edge over the field after his first place finish in a deep field in Region 1. That bracket featured two other returning state placers Marco Solis and Jayton Bennett. Zeke Garcia won the Region 4 title by beating Judge Zaragoza the other returning state placer in this weight.


Wrestlers to watch

Khalil Gibson                           R1 1st Place, 5th State

Jayton Bennett                        R1 3rd Place, 3rd State

Marco Solis                             R1 2nd Place, 4th State

Alex Hernandez                       R2 1st Place

Judge Zaragoza                       R4 2nd Place, 6th State

Zeke Garcia                             R4 1st Place



Brian Andrews is the heavy favorite to win this weight class and pick up his second state titles in as many years. Andrews is coming into the tournament with a 72 – 1 record. His single came this year to returning 6A state champion Jerhett Lee, which he later avenged that lost a few month later.


Wrestlers to watch

Jeremiah Glenn                       R4 1st Place

Brian Andrews                                    R2 1st Place, State Champion

Marcus Smith                          R1 1st Place

NwankwoNwankwo                 R3 1st Place

Thomas Elvin                           R3 2nd Place


Extra Notes:


There are five wrestlers this year looking to repeat as state champions from last year.

120 Xavier Torres

145 Chase Roth

170 Zach Diaz

182 Luke Hodsden

285 Brian Andrews



Returning state placers in each weight class

106 – 2

113 – 1

120 – 2

126 – 4

132 – 3

138 – 4

145 – 3

152 – 2

160 – 2

170 – 3

182 – 2

195 – 1

220 – 4

285 – 1



Interesting first round matches

106 Javier Vasquez vs Jamie Perez

138 Carter Dorsett vs Nicholas Rose