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6A UIL State Championship Preview Analysis

Its STATES WEEK!!! One of the most exciting times of the year for the Texas wrestling community.


It’s safe to say Allen is going to run away with the team title. I guess the only question would be are they going to challenge their own team score record of 251.5. That would be impressive feat, but my guess is their 2013 team is safe to continue celebrating their accomplishment with the 1972 Dolphins. Arlington Martin looks to be ahead to the rest of the field, but with the loss of a State Champion and finalist not making it out of Regionals their total point scoring ability took a hit. The real team race is going to happen for third place. Westlake looks to have a slight advantage on this group just off the number of entries, but in the state tournament entries don’t mean much if they can score points. Amarillo has a group of 5 wrestlers that are all capable placing high in the tournament this weekend. The key for team success this weekend is going to be bonus points.


Tier one

Allen – 14


Tier Two

Martin – 8


Tier Three

Westlake – 8

Amarillo – 5

Katy – 5

Franklin – 5

Lake Highlands – 5

Southlake – 6

Woodlands – 4

Rockwall – 7

Churchill -6




A couple wrestlers to watch are Isaiah Delgado from Eastwood and Nathan Rankin. Delgado is currently undefeated in the state of Texas this year and had a tight match with Mosha Schwartz a double Cadet National Champion from Colorado in the preseason. Nathan Rankin is a senior dropping down from 113 and this summer was a Junior National All-American in Greco.


Wrestlers to watch

Isaiah Delgado

Brett Taylor

Noah Yemans

Nathan Rankin            Fargo All-American

Joshua De Hoyos

Jordan Strmiska          Youth State Champion





This weigh class has the top 3 place winners from 106lbs last year moving up. Returning state champion Quincy Monday is just one or two more quality wins away from being ranked in the country. Logan Brown beat Christian Moreno in a tremendous semi finals match last years. Christin Moreno has worked his way back from preseason surgery and is currently going into the state tournament undefeated on the year. The best part about these wrestlers are they are not scared to wrestle and put points on the board. Kchrys Maban is coming into the tournament fresh of a win over returning state place winner Ty’Rae Carter in Region 3 finals. Add into the mix James McClain a youth state champion from last year, makes this one exciting weigh to watch.


Wrestlers to watch

James McClain                        R1 2nd Place, Youth State Champion

Quincy Monday           R2 1st Place, State Champion, Fargo All-American

Logan Brown               R2 1st Place, 2nd State

Christian Moreno        R4 1st place, 3rd State

Ty’Rae Carter              R3 2nd place, 5th State

KcheysMaban              R3 1st place




There are 2 former state champions, 1 state finalist, and 2 other state place winners featured in this weigh. Christina Ordaz is last year 113lb state champion and he is coming into the tournament in the same position he was in last year, as a regional runner up to Conner Manderfield. The other former state champion in this weight is Jack Skudlarczyk coming off a summer were he was a double All-American at Cadet Nationals. Plus, lets not forget last years’ state finalist at this weigh Noah Martinez.


Wrestlers to watch

Conner Manderfield   R1 1st Place, 5th State

Christian Ordaz           R1 2nd Place, State Champion,

Daniel Kidd                  R2 1st Place

Jack Skudlarczyk          R4 1st Place, 3rd State, 2X Fargo All-American

Noah Martinez            R4 2nd Place, 2nd States

Daniel Manibog          R3 1st Place




Well this weigh just got flipped on its head. Returning 126lb State Champion Wyatt Alvis didn’t qualify. Youth State Champion Jesse Diaz won a brutal Region 1 title by beating returning state place winner Jacob Hart in the quarters and Jamie Paterson in the finals. Paterson made the finals by beating Alvis in the semifinals. Returning state finalist at this weight Andrew McFarland took care of business in Region 4 and is coming into states undefeated. This weigh class is anyone’s game and Region 1 looks to be a tough early round draw.


Wrestlers to watch…

Jesse Diaz                    R1 1st Place, Youth State Champ

Jacob Hart                   R1 4th Place, 4th State, 8th Preseason Nationals

Jamie Paterson           R1 2nd Place, 4th State

Ryan Chavez                R1 3rd Place

Andrew McFarland     R4 1st Place, 2nd States

Nathan Adea               R3 1st Place

Trent Dooley               R2 1st place





Blaine Martinez looks to be separating himself from the very evenly talented weigh class. Martinez had a rough start to the season and took a few loses, but looks to be back in mid summer form where he was a Cadet All-American. One of those early season losses for Martinez was to Vega from Churchill, who took 3rd in Region 4, which was won by Hunter Hersey. Camden Fontenot gave Sergio Nugent his first lost of the year on his way to a Region 3 title. Hunter Gibson from Allen won Region 2 after dropping down from 138, were he spent most of his time this year.


Wrestlers to watch

Blaine Martinez          R1 1st Place, 3rd State 2X Fargo All-American

Taylor Parks                R1 2nd Place, 5th State

Hunter Gibson             R2 1st Place

Hunter Hersey             R4 1st Place

Camden Fontenot       R3 1st Place

Sergio Nugent             R3 3rd Place




Returning State Champion Kennedy Monday looks to be leading this loaded weight class. It is going to be tough to make the podium with7 different returning state placer winner from last year filling out this bracket. That means at least on person who made the podium last season will not repeat this year.


Wrestlers to watch

Talen Erwin                 R1 2nd Place 3rd State, 5A 2014 State Champion

Kennedy Monday        R1 1st Place, State Champion

David Washington       R2 2nd Place,

Bataa Douglas             R2 1st Place, 3rd State

Michael Duvall            R2 3rd Place, 4th State

Tim Edmonson            R4 1st Place, 5th State

Hunter Roberts           R4 3rd Place, 5th state

Kai Holland                  R3 1st Place

Myles Hampton          R3 2nd Place, 5th state



This weigh class has 14 seniors competing this year, but it’s a sophomore and returning State Champion Juwan Robinson that is the favorite going into this weekend. The only wrestler to beat Robinison in the tournament is Dylanger Potter 3 years ago in Tulsa. Since that match Robinison has had Dylanger’s number. The depth in this weigh class behind these two is deep.   There is Stephan Dieb a former State Champion and Bryan Fildora state finalist from two years ago and he was only the 4th best wrestler in Region 1. The dark horse in this weigh is Region 3 Champ Andrew Ulrich.


Wrestlers to watch

Dylanger Potter          R1 1st Place, 3rd State

Joey Frescas                R1 2nd Place

Bryan Filador              R1 4th Place, 2014 2nd State

Samuel Mora              R1 3rd Place, Youth State Champion

Juwan Robinson          R2 1st Place, State Champion

StepehenDieb              R2 2nd Place, 4thPlace, 2014 State Champion

Michael Seijo              R4 1st Place

Andrew Ulrcih             R3 1st Place




BraedanRedlin is looking to claim his second state title in as many years.   Redlin at times can struggle, but when he is on he is one of the top kids in the country. Taygen Smith is a former State Champion and returning state placer that can defiantly challenge Redlin for the top spot.


Wrestlers to watch

Braeden Redlin           R2 1st Place, State Champion, 3X Fargo All-American

James Taylor               R2 2nd Place, 6th Place

Taygen Smith              R1 1st Place, 2nd State, 7th Preseason Nationals

Noah Vasquez             R1 2nd Place

Jonathan Cramer        R4 1st Place

Alexander Frometa     R3 1st Place




The top two wrestlers at this weigh are coming in after disappointing end to their 2015 season. Jose Taylor won a state title in 2014 and last year struggled at state with a significant back injury. John McCabe also struggled with injuries late last year and missed the post season.Mcabe and Taylor are back this year and wrestling better than ever.McCabe gave Taylor all he could ask for at state duals, look for him to make adjustments from the last match.


Wrestlers to watch

Jose Taylor                  R1 1st Place, 6th State, 2014 State Champion

Jack Duval                   R1 2nd Place, 6th State

Anderson Salisbury     R4 1st Place

Dylan Rowling             R4 2nd Place

Cody Koger                  R3 1st Place

John McCabe              R2 1st Place





Returning state place winner Evan Hackett won Region 2, by giving Job Ayala his second lose on the season. Region 4 Champ Payton Turbyfill is the only undefeated wrestler in the weigh class. Turbyfill turned in a great performance in the Regionals beat returning state place winner Mark Lozano in the finals. Hackett struggles with consistency in his wrestling making this weight class his to win or lose.


Wrestlers to watch

Adam Linberg             R1 1st Place

Gilbert Vilarreal          R4 3rd Place

Mark Lozano               R4 2nd Place, 3rd State

Payton Turbyfill           R4 1st Place

Carlos Diaz                  R3 1st Place

Evan Hackett               R2 1st Place, 5th State

Job Ayala                     R2 2nd Place



This looks to be a battle of returning state champ Dalton Miller and 3rd place finisher Austin Brandt. Dalton Miller is up a weight this year and looking to claim another state title. In the Region 1 finals Austin Brant beat fellow returning state place winner Ryan Medrano. Brant currently only has one loss on the season.


Wresters to Watch

Dalton Miller              R2 1st Place, 5th State

Austin Brant                R1 1st Place, 3rd State, 4th Preseason Nationals

Ryan Medrano                        R1 2nd Place, 5th State

Henry Rossiter                        R3 1st Place

Damian Rivera                        R4 1st Place

Marco Soto                 R1 3rd Place, 6th state



This weigh is wide open with zero returning state place winners, someone is going to make a name for themselves.


Wrestlers to watch

Gustavo Arpero           R4 1st Place

Daniel Casillas                        R1 1st Place

Christian Rains            R3 1st Place

Mark Inglehart            R2 1st Place

Derek Stair                  R1 2nd Place

Collin McCoy               R2 2nd Place



The only returning state place winner from last year at this weigh is Patrick Bryan.   Look for Henry Willoughby to challenge Bryan, but with the way Bryan has been wrestling this should be his year.


Wrestlers to watch

Henry Willoughby       R4 1st Place

Patrick Bryan              R2 1st Place, 4th State

Keegan Kretzer           R3 1st Place

James Blevins              R1 1st Place

Cameron Barnes         R3 2nd Place



Jerhett Lee is back looking to defend his state title from last year.   The only other returning state place winner at this weigh is Dane Cordell. These two wrestled in the Region 2 finals with Lee taking home the title. Coming out of Region 4 LaJarius Anthony only has oneon the season.


Wrestlers to watch

LaJarius Anthony         R4 1st Place

Jerhett Lee                  R2 1st Place, State Champion

Dane Cordell               R2 2nd Place

Tyree Smith                 R1 1st Place

John Bentley                R3 1st Place



Extra Notes

There are five wrestlers this year looking to repeat as state champion from last year…

113 Quincy Monday

120 Christian Ordaz

138 Kennedy Monday

145 Juwan Robinson

152 Braden Redlin

182 Dalton Miller

285 Jerhett Lee


…you can also add to the list the 2014 state champions.

120 Jack Skudlarczyk

138 Talen Erwin

145 Stephan Deib

170 Jose Taylor


Number of returning state place winners in each weight

106 – 0

113 – 4

120 – 5

126 – 3

132 – 2

138 – 7

145 – 4

152 – 3

160 – 2

170 – 2

182 – 4

195 – 0

220 – 1

285 – 1



Just a few interesting first round match ups.

120 Connor Manderfield vs Brandon Smith

126 Jacob Hart vs Nathan Adea

132 Hunter Gibson vs Anthony Jimenez

138 Hunter Roberts vs Talen Erwin

138 Michael Duval vs Myles Hampton

145 Andrew Ulrich vs Bryan Filador

152 James Taylor vs Austin Fox

170 Job Ayala vs Gilbert Villarreal

195 Casey McBride vs Collin McCoy