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Random Results, Notables

Cinco Ranch’s Charlotte Fowler has moved to the #1 spot at Girls 6A 110lb currently undefeated,

138 Hope Moreland (24-7 on the season) of Keller Timber Creek pinned her way onto the rankings by beating Diana Diaz Lopez of Lamar and an Sam Houston girl who were both ranked

Kayla De Leon moves into the #1 spot from Cinco Ranch at 138lb, Former #1 Felicity Bryan hasnt been heard of yet this year

Undefeated and #3 ranked at 128lb Lucero Rosales moves down to 119lb at the CFISD tournament and defeats Jessie Ausman to bump her from her #1spot at 119

Gotta excuse the slow updates on the girls rankings, dont have that much info, and it takes forever to go through the brackets of all tournaments,

Arlington Martin beat Frisco Centennial  56-18 in a dual last week, no individual results,

Argyles Chase Roth moves his #1 ranking from 152 to 145, moving Frisco Liberty Jordan Robison to the New #1 spot at 152

Canyon Randall had a couple place finishes at the Geary Tournament in Oklahoma last weekend with 126lber  Bailer Thomason taking 3rd and 182lb Christian McBroom taking 2nd, Tournament had teams like Broken Arrow Ok, Sand Springs Ok, Tuttle Ok, all 3 Oklahoma State Champs, and Blair from New Jersey, #2 ranked team in the country.

Meanwhile Allen continues winning tournaments, this time in Cushing Oklahoma, Defeated Plainview Ok, in a dual day before45-23,  Just defeated Richardson Berkner this week in a Dual 66-18

Frisco Liberty Beat prosper 57-19