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Texas Placers @ 2015 Flo Kickoff Classic (UPDATED)

Congrats to all the placers,  Ruff Riders come away with the only Champion, Shawn Ryncurz  and 5 other placers, Texas School of Wrestling and Mile High Wrestling Club placed alot of kids.

apologies if you placed and not listed


6-43, Izayiah Chavez-2nd, Maverick Elite

6-49, Tristan Jewell-6th,  NB Elite

8-43, Drew Parker-3rd, Ruff Riders

8-46, Turner Ross-2nd,  Texas School of Wrestling

8-52, Landon Collins-2nd, Ruff Riders

8-61, Landin Lamberth-5th, Ruff Riders

8-64, Joseph Jeter-2nd,  Texas School of Wrestling

8-67, Thomas Pacheco-3rd, Maverick Elite

8-67, Brodie Bedford-6th, Dallas Dynamite

8-70, Aiden Cooley-2nd, Star

8-100, Miller Marsh-6th, NB Elite

8-HWT, Nick Borrow-3rd, Frisco Bombers

10-52, Ayden Thomas-6th, Texas School of Wrestling

10-52, Destin Parker-2nd, Ruff  Riders

10-55, Charlie Bergeson-4th, Texas School of Wrestling

10-58, Shawn Ryncurz-CHAMPION, Ruff Riders

10-58, Eli Biermann-5th, Wrestling Factory Texas

10-64, Ethan Jean-5th, Ruff Riders

10-70, Nathanial Jesuroga-6th, Mile High Wrestling Club

10-80, Koften Oborny-3rd, Cy Select

10-HWT, Michael Esparza-6th, Wrestling Factory Texas

12-70, Donavan Whitted-5th, Ruff Riders

12-105, Mario Denzi-5th, Best Trained

12-130-Darwin Hull-3rd, NB Elite

12-130, Vincenzo Oliva-6th, Best Trained

12-145, Carsten Rawls-2nd, 3F Wrestling

12-145, Mark Givens-4th, Wrestling Factory Texas

15-82, Braxton Brown-3rd, Best Trained

15-82, Dominic Chavez-6th, Maverick Elite

15-95, Preston Decker-4th, Texas School of Wrestling