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16U Team Texas Raps up Greco Roman Duals

The 16U Team Texas Greco Roman National Duals have completed and Team Texas went 5-2  for the tournament.  Roman De La Cruz , Caleb Mata , and Eli Sheeran all went undefeated in the dual tournament.  A hand full of other wrestlers went with just one loss. There was some controversy on which bracket Team Texas should of been in as well as they finish ahead of some of the teams and got put into the 7th place finals bracket when they finished 5th in their pool.
Below is the individual results.  Freestyle starts tomorrow.

B Pool – Texas

Guaranteed 5th place

Match #1 Quarterfinal

Oklahoma defeated Texas 55-19

  • 88Karsten Holmes (Oklahoma) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 94Cael Hughes (Oklahoma) over Kenneth Hendriksen (Texas) TF 10-0
  • 100Christian Forbes (Oklahoma) over Alec Robeson (Texas) TF 13-2
  • 106Shelton Chastain (Oklahoma) over Troy Guerra (Texas) Dec 12-7
  • 113Jim Mullin (Oklahoma) over Timothy McGuire (Texas) TF 10-0
  • 120Cole Brooks (Oklahoma) over Ruben Calderon (Texas) Fall 3:40
  • 126Roman De La Cruz (Texas) over E Tecson (Oklahoma) Dec 14-9
  • 132Jordan Cullors (Oklahoma) over Corey Camden (Texas) Fall 1:38
  • 138John Wiley (Oklahoma) over Alec Strange (Texas) Fall 0:41
  • 145Caleb Mata (Texas) over Noah Smith (Oklahoma) Dec 14-7
  • 152Julius Alfaro (Texas) over Garrett Wells (Oklahoma) Dec 9-0
  • 160Chance Davis (Oklahoma) over Jonathan Wertz (Texas) TF 10-0
  • 170Eli Sheeren (Texas) over Christian Mora (Oklahoma) Dec 5-0
  • 182Brannigan Reyes (Oklahoma) over Vincenzo Oliva (Texas) TF 10-0
  • 195Corbin Phelps (Texas) over Coleman Lecoq (Oklahoma) Fall 1:34
  • 220James Maguire (Oklahoma) over Drake Madole (Texas) Fall 1:44
  • 285Nicholas Rowland (Oklahoma) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Match #2 Cons. Round 1

Texas received a Bye

Match #3 Cons. Semi

Kansas defeated Texas 46-27

  • 100Jordan Habben (Kansas) over Alec Robeson (Texas) Dec 5-1
  • 106Grayson Sonntag (Kansas) over Troy Guerra (Texas) Dec 7-4
  • 113Damian Mendez (Kansas) over Timothy McGuire (Texas) Fall 3:54
  • 120Ruben Calderon (Texas) over Easton Taylor (Kansas) Dec 5-3
  • 126Roman De La Cruz (Texas) over Carson Dulitz (Kansas) Dec 2-1
  • 132Corey Camden (Texas) over Coby Burchett (Kansas) TF 11-0
  • 138Cason Lindsey (Kansas) over Alec Strange (Texas) TF 11-0
  • 145Caleb Mata (Texas) over Connor Padgett (Kansas) Dec 1-0
  • 152Jared Simma (Kansas) over Julius Alfaro (Texas) TF 13-3
  • 160Jacob Mclain (Kansas) over Jonathan Wertz (Texas) Dec 7-5
  • 170Eli Sheeren (Texas) over Matthew Rodriguez (Kansas) Dec 8-4
  • 182Vincenzo Oliva (Texas) over Caiden Casella (Kansas) Fall 1:50
  • 195Gavin Meyers (Kansas) over Corbin Phelps (Texas) Dec 12-8
  • 220Sterling Harp (Kansas) over Drake Madole (Texas) Fall 3:29
  • 285Ethan Kremer (Kansas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 88Braden Tatum (Kansas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 94Hunter Taylor (Kansas) over Kenneth Hendriksen (Texas) Dec 5-4

Match #4 5th Place Match

Texas defeated Utah 42-32

  • 88Kyison Garcia (Utah) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 94Kenneth Hendriksen (Texas) over Kole Johnson (Utah) TF 15-5
  • 100Alec Robeson (Texas) over Kaden Ercanbrack (Utah) Dec 8-3
  • 106Troy Guerra (Texas) over Trenton Ward (Utah) TF 16-6
  • 113Jaxon Bearden (Utah) over Timothy McGuire (Texas) TF 14-1
  • 120Ruben Calderon (Texas) over Ethan BOULTON (Utah) Inj 1:30
  • 126Roman De La Cruz (Texas) over gage ogden (Utah) Dec 12-3
  • 132Scott Robertson (Utah) over Corey Camden (Texas) Dec 10-10
  • 138Kaleb Sanchez (Utah) over Alec Strange (Texas) TF 13-0
  • 145Caleb Mata (Texas) over Gabe Sanders (Utah) Dec 8-0
  • 152Jordan Davies (Utah) over Julius Alfaro (Texas) Dec 4-2
  • 160Jonathan Wertz (Texas) over Jaden Stange (Utah) Dec 8-0
  • 170Eli Sheeren (Texas) over Christian Smoot (Utah) TF 12-0
  • 182Talmage Carman (Utah) over Vincenzo Oliva (Texas) TF 10-0
  • 195Corbin Phelps (Texas) over Carson Pugh (Utah) Fall 3:54
  • 220Drake Madole (Texas) over Austin Bunton (Utah) Fall 2:22
  • 285Kyler Boren (Utah) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Red Pool – Texas

Guaranteed 1st place

Match #1 Round 1

Texas defeated Oregon Blue 51-20

  • 120Ruben Calderon (Texas) over Brayden Ostvik (Oregon Blue) Dec 14-7
  • 126Roman De La Cruz (Texas) over Adam Solomon (Oregon Blue) TF 10-0
  • 132Corey Camden (Texas) over Hunter Harwood (Oregon Blue) TF 10-0
  • 138Wyatt Patzke (Oregon Blue) over Alec Strange (Texas) Fall 1:16
  • 145Caleb Mata (Texas) over Collin Switzler (Oregon Blue) TF 13-0
  • 152Brayden Duke (Oregon Blue) over Julius Alfaro (Texas) Fall 0:57
  • 160Jonathan Wertz (Texas) over Gavin McLean (Oregon Blue) TF 14-4
  • 170Eli Sheeren (Texas) over Reece White (Oregon Blue) TF 12-2
  • 182Vincenzo Oliva (Texas) over Mahonri Rushton (Oregon Blue) Dec 12-6
  • 195Corbin Phelps (Texas) over Owen Magill (Oregon Blue) Fall 3:14
  • 220Drake Madole (Texas) over Kenny Storms (Oregon Blue) Dec 10-1
  • 285Ruben Daniels (Oregon Blue) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 88 – Double Forfeit
  • 94Kenneth Hendriksen (Texas) over Andrew Shelofsky (Oregon Blue) Dec 6-0
  • 100Alec Robeson (Texas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 106Troy Guerra (Texas) over Tucker Bonner (Oregon Blue) TF 10-0
  • 113Timothy McGuire (Texas) over Aaron Solomon (Oregon Blue) Fall 1:53

Match #2 Round 2

Texas defeated North Carolina 55-9

  • 88 – Double Forfeit
  • 94Kenneth Hendriksen (Texas) over joseph baisley (North Carolina) TF 14-1
  • 100Alec Robeson (Texas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 106Troy Guerra (Texas) over David Javier (North Carolina) TF 14-3
  • 113Timothy McGuire (Texas) over Maxwell Kiel (North Carolina) Dec 10-2
  • 120Ruben Calderon (Texas) over Andrew Clark (North Carolina) TF 10-0
  • 126Roman De La Cruz (Texas) over Cayden Scott (North Carolina) Dec 2-2
  • 132Corey Camden (Texas) over Cody Jamerson (North Carolina) TF 12-0
  • 138Alec Strange (Texas) over Christopher Clark (North Carolina) Dec 9-6
  • 145Caleb Mata (Texas) over Aaron Faison (North Carolina) TF 11-0
  • 152Julius Alfaro (Texas) over Alexander Gunning (North Carolina) Dec 9-8
  • 160Jonathan Wertz (Texas) over Kinson Sinclair (North Carolina) Fall 1:27
  • 170Eli Sheeren (Texas) over Robert Hyder (North Carolina) TF 10-0
  • 182Holden Cypher (North Carolina) over Vincenzo Oliva (Texas) Dec 12-7
  • 195Corbin Phelps (Texas) over Gabriel Anderson (North Carolina) TF 10-0
  • 220 – Double Forfeit
  • 285Drake Madole (Texas) over Zachary Vance (North Carolina) TF 10-0

Match #3 Round 3

Texas defeated Idaho Red 52-16

  • 88 – Double Forfeit
  • 94Kenneth Hendriksen (Texas) over Jacob Summerfield (Idaho Red) TF 15-4
  • 100Lukas Kanownik (Idaho Red) over Alec Robeson (Texas) Fall 1:34
  • 106Troy Guerra (Texas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 113Roddy Romero (Idaho Red) over Timothy McGuire (Texas) Fall 3:49
  • 120Ruben Calderon (Texas) over Ryan Graves (Idaho Red) TF 10-0
  • 126Roman De La Cruz (Texas) over Alexzander Austin (Idaho Red) TF 11-0
  • 132Corey Camden (Texas) over Lane Reardon (Idaho Red) TF 10-0
  • 138Riggin Stone (Idaho Red) over Alec Strange (Texas) Fall 2:52
  • 145Caleb Mata (Texas) over Joel Campbell (Idaho Red) Fall 0:37
  • 152Julius Alfaro (Texas) over Izack McNeal (Idaho Red) TF 10-0
  • 160Jonathan Wertz (Texas) over Isaiah Twait (Idaho Red) TF 10-0
  • 170Eli Sheeren (Texas) over Jackson Rickter (Idaho Red) TF 10-0
  • 182Vincenzo Oliva (Texas) over Andrew Sandelin (Idaho Red) TF 10-0
  • 195Corbin Phelps (Texas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 220 – Double Forfeit
  • 285Drake Madole (Texas) over Austin Mayo (Idaho Red) Fall 0:13

Match #4 Round 4

Texas defeated Montana 47-18

  • 138Asher Kemppainen (Montana) over Alec Strange (Texas) Dec 3-1
  • 145Caleb Mata (Texas) over Jesse Horner (Montana) Fall 3:50
  • 152Julius Alfaro (Texas) over Jace Mannix (Montana) Dec 11-6
  • 160Jonathan Wertz (Texas) over Kyler Hallock (Montana) TF 10-0
  • 170Eli Sheeren (Texas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 182Vincenzo Oliva (Texas) over Gaige Winter (Montana) Fall 2:49
  • 195Corbin Phelps (Texas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 220 – Double Forfeit
  • 285Mayson Phipps (Montana) over Drake Madole (Texas) TF 10-0
  • 88 – Double Forfeit
  • 94Kenneth Hendriksen (Texas) over Colton Gutenberger (Montana) Dec 10-2
  • 100Teegan Vasquez (Montana) over Alec Robeson (Texas) TF 10-0
  • 106Troy Guerra (Texas) over Carter Schmidt (Montana) TF 11-0
  • 113Elijah Warner (Montana) over Timothy McGuire (Texas) TF 10-0
  • 120Ruben Calderon (Texas) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 126Roman De La Cruz (Texas) over Novik Thomas (Montana) Dec 16-14
  • 132Corey Camden (Texas) over Archer Throckmorton (Montana) TF 10-0

Match #5 Round 5

Texas received a Bye

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Written by TexasWrestling