Author Topic: 5th Veterans Memorial Inv in Window Rock AZ Dec 14-15, 2018  (Read 283 times)


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5th Veterans Memorial Inv in Window Rock AZ Dec 14-15, 2018
« on: April 03, 2018, 04:13:42 PM »
The 4th VMI was a great success!!  27 teams competed in our arena (I gotta call it what it is) and we saw some great matches.  The Blue Devils from Sunnyside shook things up and took the tournament, followed by Camp Verde, Page, Ironwood, Los Alamos NM, Round Valley, Mingus and Chinle (for the top eight). 

We're not going to stop there.  The WRock is inviting 35 teams for the 5th VMI.  That's going to equal ten duals for EVERY team.  TEN!!  Do you hear me?!  Ten matches and our fees will stay the same or my name isn't Coach Hillis.  Plenty of mat time.  So far there are teams from Las Vegas NV to Moriarty NM that competed.  All three of our OutStanding Wrestlers were 2018 state champs with a combined record of 175-0 for this season alone!  (Whitewater-Page, Bravo-Young -SS and Henderson-Blue Ridge).   

So if you want a piece of this action and immerse your team in some great mat mayhem, contact me, Coach Marc Hillis @ for a flyer.  The Marines will test your wrestlers' pull-up strength, Bob P. from the valley makes some great shirts and you can get away from the norm. 

Our operators are standing by.....

(Ok, they're not really standing by.  It's just me.  I know I sound like a used car salesman or that Robocop "I'd-buy-that-for-a-dollar" guy... I just really would like your team to be part of this).  Your teams make our tournament what it is.   8) :o ;)


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Re: 5th Veterans Memorial Inv in Window Rock AZ Dec 14-15, 2018
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2018, 04:52:34 PM »
We're on our way to filling up with 36 teams.... 9 to go. Remember, every team gets ten duals (on eight mats) and the girls will be an individual tournament (on two mats). WE HAVE THE ROOM FOR THIS ....AND THEN SOME! If you are interested or know of an interested team, feel free to pass this on. All schools are welcome.

 Teams confirmed for 2018:
 Window Rock
 Gallup NM
 Newcomb NM
 Round Valley
 Rancho NV
 Moriarty NM
 Los Alamos NM
 Tohono O'odham
 Monument Valley AZ
 American Leadership Academy-QC
 Wingate NM
 Many Farms
 Red Mesa
 Northland Prep Academy
 Blue Ridge
 Farmington NM
 Miyamura NM

 Mid school/Jr.High will have their tournament on Dec 13, same place. Contact for the TMS tournament is Coach Duane Hanley,

 There's fight shorts for Boys and Girls, free lodging if you camp out on the mats, plenty of food for coaches and a great T-shirt vendor.
 Coach Marc Hillis,