Author Topic: Should ID, CO, VA, KS, IN, NE & IA add gals' high school wrestling?  (Read 1226 times)


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Should Virginia, Colorado, Kansas, Indiana & Nebraska (etc.) add gals' high school wrestling? 

The abovementioned states (and others) are increasingly making pushes to officially add girls' high school wrestling as an officially state-sanctioned sport.   Progress reports regarding the abovementioned states are included below.

***Beginning with Virginia, here are some catalysts for change who can hopefully make it happen (especially if given some encouragement):

Authors are listed here:


*Timothy   Greenleaf,   Virginia Women’s Wrestling Operations and Logistics Director,    Chesapeake VA,   Tel. 808-343-7604

*Sara Fulp-Allen, VAWA Women’s Director and VAWA Women’s National   Team Head Coach,    Norfolk VA,  Tel. 650-773-8294

*Alex Csontos,    Culpeper   High   School   Head   Wrestling   Coach,   Culpeper,   VA,   Tel. 540-244-0835

*Jessica Medina,    Ferrum College Head Women’s    Wrestling    Coach,   Ferrum, VA, Tel. 757-705-4586
[Ferrum College has Texans on its women's wrestling roster: ]

Here are some of the key decision-makers at the official level in Virginia: 

Stories and advice from Texas could very well boost the crusade and ultimately help add to the growing list of (fewer than ten) U.S. states that recognize gals' wrestling at the high school level. 



***Meanwhile, how about Colorado?   Gals' wrestling has made major strides there recently.  FYI:


***Interesting progress is brewing in Kansas, too:

Voila:  the first girls' h.s. state wrestling tourney in Kansas:

***Progress is emerging in Indiana as well:

& ***Nebraska:

& Iowa:

The more U.S. states there are that eventually sanction gals’ h.s. wrestling, the more other states might join in, and the more likely that the NCAA will finally recognize women’s wrestling someday as an emerging sport (as this NCAA documentation details):

Any thoughts?

By the way, here's an alliance of activists who say they actively support these sorts of initiatives:

Meanwhile here's a new resource:
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Re: Should ID, CO, VA, KS, IN, NE & IA add gals' high school wrestling?
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Oregon and Georgia have recently announced the launching of all-gals state high school wrestling tournaments!

Next up, Idaho?