Author Topic: Houston's college wrestling scene is gaining momentum as more NCWA teams emerge.  (Read 979 times)


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Is a U. Houston: Main Campus vs. U. Houston: Downtown Campus dual in the works?   Are more college wrestling teams about to emerge in Houston?   More on that below.   



U. Houston to join the Big 10 or the Pac 12? 

 8) Both sponsor wrestling...

The Pac 12 seems like an exciting potential destination for the Cougars and its possible NCAA D1 wrestling program.   Wrestling teams in the PAC 12 include:

Oregon St.
Cal. St. Bakersfield
Arizona St.
Cal. Poly

Fresno St. is reinstating its NCAA D1 program too, although they will reportedly be wrestling in the Big 12 conference...  Regardless, the PAC 12 needs more wrestling teams, and the overall Pac 12 conference needs a Texas member (like the S.E.C. did before Texas A&M joined). 

Meanwhile it sort of goes without saying that the Big 10 is a wrestling powerhouse:

U. of Houston's current athletic conference appears to have NO wrestling members:

  Of course it would help if the U. of H. would fortify its new NCWA program:

Might you know any wrestlers there (or heading there) who can help get that endeavor underway?  Such club programs reportedly have to be started with the help of existing students, or at least incoming ones.   Plenty of schools have both NCAA and NCWA wrestling programs, by the way, including Virginia Tech. (a perennial Top 10 at the NCAAs).   Meanwhile U. of Houston: Downtown (not the same as U. of H. ) deserves to have a crosstown rival for its own successful NCWA program in order to boost our sport's profile throughout Houston, and alleviate travel budget pressures as well.
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U. Houston: Main Campus vs. U. Houston: Downtown Campus dual in the works?
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Progress is emerging:

U. Houston: Main Campus wrestling:

Alternative page (membership only):

Meanwhile, at an entirely different UH campus (UH: Downtown), a crosstown wrestling rival for the UH-Main Campus continues gathering momentum:

Both campuses are very light-rail accessible, too:

Is a U. Houston: Main Campus vs. U. Houston: Downtown Campus dual in the works?   Stay tuned...

Any others?
Meanwhile, there are several other colleges & universities in the Houston area with athletic programs which could sponsor wrestling at least on the club level, if student requests emerge.   Several have campuses near the light rail, too.   All that it (reportedly) takes is for one student at any of these colleges & universities to ask to be that school's competitor in the NCWA and the membership fee's apparently waived for the first year (while word gets around about the team's gradual formation): 

Here's a list of area colleges & universities:

**Houston Baptist University:

**Houston Community College:

Athletic dept:

**Lone Star Community College:

Athletic dept:


***Sam Houston State U:

**San Jacinto College

**St. Thomas:

*Any others?

Meanwhile, recruiting opportunities abound:

Did you know that 2 year / community colleges can reportedly become 4 year institutions here in Texas now?

When will we see more college wrestling teams emerge in the Houston area and listed here? 

Again, NCWA team membership fees are apparently waived for the first year... 
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Ready to recruit?   

There are plenty of Houston-area high schools with wrestling for both genders, as the following mostly complete interactive online map-list helps show:

Wrestling's strong in Houston's suburbs, but there are several high school teams in the inner-city as well (including):

***Heights H.S.  (previously "Reagan H.S."

***Houston Kashmere H.S.

***Houston Math & Science Tech:

***Northside H.S.  (previously "Davis H.S.")

***Waltrip H.S.

***Wisdom H.S.  (previously "Lee H.S.")


For the most up-to-date, state-wide list of Texas high schools with wrestling:
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