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2018 Womens Nationals Texas Entries

Texas has a large showing in the 2018 Womens Nationals where the Champions of the Cadet and Junior division make the World Team for those divisions with the Juniors qualifying for the senior level to be completed in Rochester New York next weekend.  The Cadets lead the entries with 36 total a good sign that womens wrestling in growing at the younger age.  Juniors only have 23 entries and is a mixture of High School seniors and 1st and 2nd year college women.  The younger girls only had 20 entries but won’t qualify for any world team but can get National honors

Best of Luck to all our Texas Women

Alicia Messer Junior 50kg
Anna Marie Crixell Junior 50kg
Charlotte Fowler Junior 50kg
Madison Meyer Junior 50kg
Maria Vidales Junior 50kg
Anna Marie Crixell Junior 53kg
Madison Angelito Junior 53kg
Colleen Weber Junior 55kg
Emily Ferguson Junior 55kg
Kamille Begeal Junior 55kg
Aisha Yazadi Junior 57kg
Juliana Baugher Junior 59kg
Sierra Brown Ton Junior 59kg
Alex Liles Junior 62kg
Brigette Duty Junior 62kg
Amalani Latu Junior 65kg
Clarissa Archulta Junior 65kg
Julia Mata Junior 65kg
Mhina Oseitutu Junior 65kg
Adelyhda Perez Junior 68kg
Kaylynn Albrecht Junior 68kg
Victoria Hinjo Junior 68kg
Chloe Wujek Junior 72kg
Crystal Venegas Cadet 43kg
Lilly Musselman Cadet 43kg
Odelia Lopez Cadet 43kg
Jordan Carreras Cadet 46kg
Ashlee Messer Cadet 46kg
Garcia Annabelle Cadet 46kg
Jacey Burreson Cadet 46kg
Isabella Burnworth Cadet 49kg
Amanda McAleavey Cadet 49kg
Katherine Heath Cadet 49kg
Kiara Ortega Cadet 49kg
Samara Chavez Cadet 49kg
Tatianna Nieto Cadet 49kg
Camille Fournier Cadet 53kg
Carmen Allred Cadet 53kg
Olivia Motley Cadet 53kg
Ronea Adia Cadet 53kg
Sydney Harper Cadet 53kg
Jacqueline Ghent Cadet 57 kg
Carlie Allred Cadet 57kg
Madison Sandquist Cadet 57kg
Rhett Marks Cadet 57kg
Rider Marks Cadet 57kg
Isabella Ruiz Cadet 61kg
Juliana Baugher Cadet 61kg
Mary Ellen Lafferty Cadet 61kg
Mattison Parker Cadet 61kg
Sarah Ferguson Cadet 61kg
Hunter Robinson Cadet 65kg
Lexie Bashma Cadet 65kg
Nia Miranda Cadet 65kg
Lauren Money Cadet 65kg
Alexis Tangen Cadet 73kg
Ashley Lekas Cadet 73kg
Angelina Archuleta Caedt 78kg
Iman Thomas Cadet 78kg
Anna Scotello Inter 45
Katelynn Dockery Inter 50-55
Marisa Iturrino Inter 60
Trinity Baker SG 79
Madision Canales SG 101
Mikayla Herber SG 101
Katherine Scotello SG 101
Brindley Eaton SG 110
Rose Scotello SG 110
Avery Beckman SG 119
Aubrey Yauger SG 127
Frances Scotello Novice 60
Ava Milliner Novice 65
Kamryn Boss Novice 65
Saki Yoshikawa Novice 70
Riley Rayome Novice 75
Isabella Toquero Novice 85
Raquel Iturrino Novice 85
Anna Vogt Novice 102
Anabel Campos Novice HWT