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Texas Kids Folkstyle Nationals Results

There was only 8 Texas wrestlers listed this year on the registration from track, Aiden Cooley was the only Champ. below is how they did,  Note, that the 2nd place finishers each had a loss.  There was a true 2nd place finish at this tournament so Aydan Stone Thomas won 3rd place and wrestled the 2nd place finisher and won, so Thomas is the true 2nd place finisher.  Corey Camden actually took 2nd losing in the finals than won his challenge match for true 2nd.


Intermediate 67 Jamie Lee (3rd) Best Trained 0-2
Novice 63 Aydan Stone Thomas (5th) Unattached 6-1 2nd
Novice 82 Nathan Lee (5th) Bitetto Trained Wrestling Club 0-2
Novice 117 Aiden Cooley (4th) Best Trained 2-0 champ
Schoolboy/girl 87 Jakob Smith (8th) Boneyard Wrestling Academy 4-3 6th
Schoolboy/girl 102 Angelo Ferrari (6th) Best Trained 4-2 5th
Schoolboy/girl 130 Corey R Camden (8th) Boneyard Wrestling Academy 3-1 2nd
Schoolboy/girl 149 Ryan Nichols (7th) Best Trained 3-3 6th