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6th Annual Summer Mat Bash

The 6th Summer Mat Bash sponsored by Adidas and EZ Flex is set to take over Dallas, Texas with 25 teams representing 13 states. Last year’s event ended with fireworks with a three way tie between Team St. Louis, Kansas Gold, and Best Trained out of Allen, Texas. Best Trained was crowned Mat Bash champions through criteria. Look for Team St. Louis to come this year with a vengeance given they have been the runner up for the past 3 years at the Mat Bash. This year event has the ingredients to bake the dirtiest mat bash cake to date. 

The expansion of the tournament has been incredible. Six years ago when the Mat Bash began it consisted of only eight teams. In 2016, 24 teams scraped from 14 states. This year the upward trend continues with 25 teams projected to battle for the championship with a few new teams joining the field. Collingswood, New Jersey, Takedown Elite of Texas, and Turks Head out of Pennsylvania will join a field heavy with teams from Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota and other states from around the country. 

Mat Bash gives teams the opportunity to use their middle schoolers all the way to outgoing seniors in high school. With 14 modified weight classes and teams from all over the country, this is a unique folkstyle tournament smack dab in the middle of the summer. A season that is typically known for being a freestyle season. So if you love folkstyle, and I hope you do as you are an American, make sure to tune in only on FloWrestling.

The teams will be divided into Pools for Friday and Saturday will be the Pool winners, but not in bracket style, more round robin style.   Wrestlingtexas will be covering the event.

The 14 weight classes are 90, 98, 105, 110, 118, 125, 133, 142, 152, 165, 175, 185, 205, 285.

The action will be at Northwest High School,   2301 Texas Drive ,  Justin Texas 76247