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WrestlingTexas latest sponsor: Barber Wrestling in Austin

WrestlingTexas relies on the generous support of our statewide sponsors and volunteers.  The athlete of the week feature is now sponsored by Barber Wrestling, in Austin.

About Barber Wrestling:

BarberWrestling is North Austin’s only year-round elite wrestling club. With over 3,500 square feet of mats, turf and weight equipment, BarberWrestling has all you need to reach your highest potential. The coaching staff at BarberWrestling comes with over 20 years of competitive wrestling experience from youth to the collegiate level. At BarberWrestling the focus will be on all three styles, Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco.

At BarberWrestling they believe in fine tuning each athletes wrestling and athletic performance. Finding the best path of success for each individual is the goal. They do not believe in a “cookie-cutter” method, as each athlete is different and has their own specialized needs and training methods. The goal is to work with each athlete to help them reach their highest potential.

BarberWrestling has produced over 10 State Champions in 5 different states along with numerous state placers. They have also had many High School and Youth All-Americans along with some National Championship finishes.  BarberWrestling has sent over 20 athletes to college to compete and continue their athletic careers.

Check them out online at Contact them today and get #BarberTrained!

Coach Barber

“Working To Take Wrestlers To Their Highest Potential!”