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Readers frequently inquire about ranking methodology. Here is a basic explanation of the current approach;

  1. If wrestler was ranked last year and is still at the same weight, he/she will move up as others are removed.  Examples: 1-10 ranked wrestlers, all but wrestlers ranked 7, and 10 leave for what ever reason, then 7, and 10 are now #1 & #2 ranked. Exception could be a state champ that moved into a new weight class.
  2. Previous year State Champions will more than likely get the #1 spot wherever they move weight wise, unless there is a Head to Head, or any below issues;
  3. Next, I am taking what I can find; tournament results, champions will usually get ranked, if there is room in the top 10.
  4. Position or ranked will be determined from current Head to Head, current opponents win or loses,  then last year Head to Head.
  5. If a wrestler haven’t wrestled anyone that is currently ranked or wrestler has no previously posted results (ie freshman or JV moved up), then I will solicit several coaches for opinions, anonymously.
  6. An undefeated record in December doesn’t automatically get a wrestler ranked, but will get them noticed and watched for the rest of the season.
  7. Strength of schedule will be considered as well. (i.e. wrestlers who wrestle tough tournaments, especially national tournaments)
  8. It is encouraged for parents and coaches and wrestlers to provide input, the best place is the forum under 6A, 5A, boys or girls or prep.
  9. Rankings are not to make someone look bad, but to shine a light on good wrestlers in hopes that college coaches might take notice.
  10. If you prefer not to post publicly, please feel free to email me.

Rankings will be updated in early December.