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El Paso’s Valerie Rosales leads Wayland Baptist Girls in #8 Ranking

Women wrestlers ranked 8th; five Pioneers in top 10

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Wayland Baptist is ranked eighth and five Pioneers are slotted in in the top 10 in their respective weight classes in the Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association college preseason rankings.

Wayland, which finished seventh at WCWA Nationals last year, is ranked between No. 7 University of Cumberlands and No. 9 Missouri Baptist.

Campbellsville (Ky.), last year’s runner-up, takes over the No. 1 ranking going into the new season. Campbellsville was tied with two-time defending WCWA national champion King University (Tenn.) with 107 points, but Campbellsville moved to No. 1 by having the most wrestlers in the individual rankings.

Rounding out the top five teams are No. 3 Oklahoma City, No. 4 Lindenwood (Mo.) and No. 5 Simon Fraser (Canada). Last season, Oklahoma City placed third at the WCWA Nationals, Simon Fraser was fourth and Lindenwood was fifth.

The WCWA has expanded for the new season, with the addition of four new varsity teams. Newcomers Adrian College holds the No. 11 preseason ranking, Lyon University at No. 14, Ferrum at No. 23 and Emmanuel at No. 24.

In individual rankings, the highest-ranked Wayland wrestler is senior Valerie Rosales, who is No. 2 in the 155-pound division. Redshirt senior Tarkyia Mensah is third in 123s, junior Kierra Boyce is fourth in the 191s, sophomore Rizpah Umi is sixth in the 136s, and junior Kristin Navarrete is eighth in the 116s.

Wayland’s season gets under way Oct. 21 when the Pioneers host Warner Pacific (Ore.).

The 2016 WCWA Nationals will be held Feb. 12-13 at Oklahoma City University. Women’s college national titles have been held since 2004 and only five teams have won national team titles: Oklahoma City (4), University of the Cumberlands (3), Missouri Valley College (2), King University (2) and Simon Fraser (1).


1. Campbellsville University, NAIA, 107
2. King College, DII, 107
3. Oklahoma City University, NAIA, 92
4. Lindenwood University, DII, 68
5. Simon Fraser, DII, 66
6. McKendree University, NAIA, 65
7. University of Cumberlands, NAIA, 54
8. Wayland Baptist University, NAIA, 40
9. Missouri Baptist University, NAIA, 17
10. Life University, NAIA, 11
11. Adrian College, DII, 10
12. Menlo College, NAIA, 9
13. Missouri Valley College, NAIA, 6
14. (tie) Lyon University, NAIA, 4
14. (tie) Pacific University, DIII, 4
14. (tie) Lindenwood University-Belleville, NAIA, 4
17. Southwest Oregon Community College, NJCAA, 0
18. University of Jamestown, NAIA, 0
19. Ottawa University, NAIA, 0
20. Waldorf College, NAIA, 0
21. Warner Pacific College, NAIA, 0
22. Midland University, NAIA, 0
23. Ferrum College, DIII, 0
24. Emmanuel College, DII, 0

1 Marina Doi So. King University
2 Darby Huckle Sr. Simon Fraser University
3 Sara Allen Jr. The University of the Cumberlands
4 Taylor Resuriz Jr. Mckendree University
5 Arelys Viles So. The University of the Cumberlands
6 Regina Doi So. King University
7 Maia Phanthadra So. The University of the Cumberlands
8 Anissa Rodriquez Jr. Missouri Baptist University
9 Harmonie Roberts Fr. Life University
10 Kyla Aruda Fr. Midland University

1 Cody Pfau Jr. Oklahoma City University
2 Abby Lloyd So. Simon Fraser University
3 Breonnah Neal Jr. King University
4 Kait Fitzpatrick So. Campbellsville University
5 Ashley lllif Sr. King University
6 Christina Bautista Sr. Missouri Valley College
7 Jazmin Perez So. Lyon College
8 Cassidy Jasperson So. Oklahoma City University
9 Sierra Blasone Fr. Missouri Valley College
10 Arielle Hernandez So. Mckendree University

1 Diaysha Moore Sr. Lindenwood University
2 Shelby Morrison Sr. Oklahoma City University
3 Samantha Kingel RSSr. King University
4 Marizza Birrueta Fr. Oklahoma City University
5 Lindsey Spjut Jr. Mckendree University
6 Ricki Liang Fr. King University
7 Jennifer Juarez Fr. Life University
8 Kristin Navarrete Jr. Wayland Baptist University
9 Dajan Treder Jr. University of Jamestown
10 Makayla Groth Fr. Emmanuel College

1 Hanna Grisewood Jr. King University
2 Jennifer Anderson Jr. Simon Frasier University
3 Tarkyia Mensah RSSr. Wayland Baptist
4 Cady Chessin Jr. Menlo College
5 Montana Drum Jr. Missouri Baptist University
6 Hailey Lilly Sr. Mckendree University
7 Shelby Hall So. Campbellsville University
8 Becka Leathers Fr. Oklahoma City University
9 Megan Black So. Mckendree University
10 Ashley Osachuk So. Simon Frasier University

1 Rosemary Flores Jr. Campbellsville University
2 Carla Ponce Jr. Oklahoma City University
3 Rachel McFarland Jr. Adrian College
4 Francesca Giorgio So. Simon Frasier University
5 Maya Nelson Fr. The University of the Cumberlands
6 Natalia Hinojo Jr. Oklahoma City University
7 Erica Mihalca So. Missouri Baptist University
8 Gabrielle Weyhrich Jr. Mckendree University
9 Hanna Jewell Fr. King University
10 Alexia Ward Fr Mckendree University

1 Kayla Miracle So. Campbellsville University
2 Monica Ramirez Sr. Lindenwood University
3 Jessi Kee So. King University
4 Kristin Yamasaki Jr. The University of the Cumberlands
5 Jasmine Bailey So. Mckendree University
6 Rizpah Umi So. Wayland Baptist University
7 Rachel Young Sr. Oklahoma City University
8 Mallory Velte Sr. Simon Fraser University
9 Olivia Seppinni So. Mckendree University
10 Koral Sugiyama Fr. Campbellsville University

1 Forrest Molinari Jr. King University
2 Alexis Porter So. Mckendree University
3 Hanna Gladden So. Campbellsville University
4 Cassy Herkelman So. Mckendree University
5 Heiley Garcia Jr. Oklahoma City University
6 Angela Fabbri Sr. Lindenwood University
7 Bailey Martinez Jr.. Pacific University
8 Maggie Douma So. Oklahoma City University
9 Rachel Buttler Fr. Oklahoma City University
10 Tatum Sparks Fr. Southwest Oregon Community College

1 Hanna Hall Jr. Campbellsville University
2 Valerie Rosales Sr. Wayland Baptist
3 Michelle Organ Jr. Campbellsville University
4 Liza Gonzalez Jr. Lindenwood University
5 Yvonne Galindo Jr. Oklahoma City University
6 Monika Podgoski Sr. Simon Fraser University
7 Niauni Hill Jr. Lindenwood -Bellville University
8 Jessica Rottier Fr. The University of the Cumberlands
9 Janelle Fumatu So. Southwest Oregon Community College
10 Alexandria Glaude Fr. Mckendree Univeristy

1 Victoria Francis Sr. Lindenwood University
2 Ashley Miles Jr. Mckendree University
3 Clarc Walker So. The University of the Cumberlands
4 Gabriela Guzman Jr. Lindenwood University
5 Jesse Grubbs So. Campbellsville University
6 Tatiana Vazquez RSSo. Oklahoma City University
7 Courteney Tompkins So. The University of the Cumberlands
8 Katelyn Hill So. Campbellsville University
9 Kendal Reusing Fr Simon Fraser University
10 Erin Scheidt Fr. Midland University

1 Tiara Scott Jr Campbellsville University
2 Payten Smith So. Simon Fraser
3 Jackie Williams So. King University
4 Kierra Boyce Jr. Wayland Baptist University
5 Rose Donaldson So. Life University
6 Jackie Quinones Fr. Oklahoma City University
7 Monica Mason Fr. Oklahoma City University
8 Juliana Triplet So Missouri Baptist University
9 Alyssa La Francis Fr. The University of the Cumberlands
10 Madeline Tyrone So. Missouri Baptist University